Adele Makes Fan Try To Give Her His Number On The Las Vegas Show: Video – Hollywood Life


Adele Makes Fan Try To Give Her His Number On The Las Vegas Show: Video – Hollywood Life +2023

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Adele wowed fans with her smooth tones and inimitable wit during her recent stay in Las Vegas, and it seems that one fan got really smitten during a performance when he tried to slip the singer his number! The Grammy winner smiled during the ‘Weekends with Adele’ concert on December 2 as she made her way through the crowd before the gentleman secretly tried to hand her a small piece of paper, as if from the hilarious clip posted by PopCrave. Like the pro she is, Adele kept it moving with a laugh and quickly returned the digits to the hopeful Stan.

At her concert last weekend, Adele revealed she wanted to perform to an audience elated with liquid guts! The iconic singer made sure to let her resident audience know she prefers to buzz her fans a bit during her performances at Caesar’s Palace. “Go and order some drinks… the drunker you are, the better I am,” the “Water Under the Bridge” hitmaker said loudly between songs The mirror.

The Grammy winner, who canceled her original residency last year after saying she wasn’t ready, also thanked her fans for showing up. “I worked my ass off for this. I couldn’t have done that other show and you wouldn’t have liked it either, I’m telling you,” she said onstage, according to the outlet.

Originally, Adele was scheduled to open the residency on January 21st and perform two concerts per weekend until April 2022. However, she canceled 24 hours before the opening. In a tearful video posted to her Instagram At the time, she told her millions of fans that she “tried absolutely everything” to make the show “good enough,” but it was “devastated” by both COVID-19 and “shipping delays.” She added: “I’m so upset and really embarrassed and so sorry for everyone who traveled to come here. I’m really sorry.”

Meanwhile, ahead of Adele’s first appearance, a source told EXCLUSIVE HollywoodLife that she was planning an “epic celebration” to kick off this Weekends with Adele engagement. “Adele can’t wait for her residency to begin, she is more than ready,” the source began. “She put her heart and soul into the preparation, she rehearsed 12 hours a day and every little thing is in place and perfected. At this point it’s just a feeling that it should hurry up and start opening night because now that everything is ready the wait is hard, it’s like the countdown to Christmas morning or something.”

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