Absolution connected to Dragon Age: Dreadwolf? +2023

We still don’t know much about the plot for the highly anticipated new one dragon time Game, Dragon Age: Dread Wolf, but BioWare has been slowly releasing teasers and information about the new game. The Netflix animated series Dragon Age: Absolution is one of our biggest clues to the next game in the franchise.

Massive spoilers ahead for Dragon Age: Absolution

Dragon Age: Absolution ends with a few significant twists that could mean big things for the fourth mainline dragon time Game. This is perhaps the biggest surprise of all Meredith Standard seems to be alive at least in some way.

The ending of Dragon Age: Absolution explained

At the very end of Dragon Age: Absolution Finale we see a group of soldiers conferring with someone cloaked in red lyrium. As fans of the game know Dragon Age II ends with the player’s protagonist, Hawke, defeating Meredith as she succumbs to the red lyrium. She is petrified into a red Lyrium statue in Kirkwall. It appeared as if Meredith was dead, and there was never any mention that she might be alive Dragon Age: Inquisitionso she returns Dragon Age: Absolution is surprising.

But in the credits, the show lists “Meredith” as voiced by Jean Gilpin, and Gilpin voiced the character in the games, so it seems like she really is. On that basis it seems so Dragon Age: Absolution sets up Meredith as the Crimson Knight, an extremist faction of the Inquisition bent on destroying the Tevinter Empire.

The guards tell Meredith that Hira managed to escape with the Circulum, but people give chase, which seems to confirm that Meredith is the Crimson Knight and the person she betrayed Miriam for.

Although we are led to believe that Fairbanks is the traitor, the ending tells us it was a misdirection and Hira is the real traitor. Fairbanks had tried to stop Hira. Despite being a Tevinter citizen herself, Hira is anti-Tevinter Empire and disappointed that the Inquisition has no intention of challenging her, so she had to look for other allies, hence her connection to Meredith.

How does Dragon Age: Absolution set up Dragon Age: Dreadwolf?

What does all this mean Dragon Age: Dread Wolf? Well, we already know that the new game will take us to Tevinter, an environment that we haven’t seen in the game yet. It seems the new game is preparing for Meredith’s “war”. While we also know that the new game will focus heavily on Solas, who turned out to be a dire wolf, Fen’Harelin which intruder DLC.

It is also possible that the events at the end of Dragon Age: absolution won’t mean much in the grand scheme of Dragon Age: Dread Wolfbut I’d be surprised if we didn’t see some of the characters in the show come into play in some shape or form.

At the very least, it will likely add to the world state players start with from the get-go Dragon Age: Dread Wolfespecially if they have no prior storage to transfer. insert magazine shared a great article that goes into more detail about the show’s specific lore and what it means Dragon Age: Dread Wolfstarting point is.

Dragon Age: Absolution now streaming on Netflix.

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