A24 proved Gen Z right in 2022 +2023

2022 saw a renaissance for A24 as the studio released a plethora of hit films across all genres. Movie after movie took social media by storm, with fans discussing all aspects of the releases – from makeup to costume design to casting and more. But the company’s biggest accomplishment this year? The way A24 was able to use its films to connect directly with Gen Z. Coupled with social media dominance sustained by a younger audience, A24 had Gen Z eating out of the palm of their hand.

Why was A24 successful? One reason: the films released that year contained tropes and concepts that modern, younger viewers could relate to. While it wasn’t the first time A24 had dealt with family relationships, Everything everywhere at once took the idea to a whole new universe. (Call them out for scaring me that I’m living my worst reality.) With lines like, “I don’t want to hurt anymore and for some reason when I’m with you, it just does…it just hurts.” both of us,” Stephanie Hsu and Michelle Yeoh delivered heartbreaking performances that explored issues such as generational trauma, the impact of strained parental relationships, and the pressures of “success.” These themes simultaneously attracted Millennials and Gen Z’ers, while older viewers may have missed the message. The generational debate surrounding the film made it one of the most talked about films on social media.

After sun also fit into this niche, followed Paul Mescal as DILF – sorry dad, took his little daughter on vacation. He explored depression, growing pains and reminded audiences that parents, like children, are also experiencing this life for the first time. Even Marcel the Shell with shoes on made younger viewers cry while playfully tackling love, family and one-sided relationships with social media.


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Crowds of people took to social media, especially TikTok, to show their pain — and appreciation for such films. To the All Everywhere at oncea YouTuber captioned them Video“When you watch this movie and you cry and the only thing your mom got out of it was it was very sad and the daughter was mean.” Another woman captioned her After sun reaction tick tock“Went to Paul Mescal and was left in ruins.”


Conclusion: we loved it. #everywhereat once #a24 #fyp

♬ This is a life – son Lux

Socials stayed filled with A24 content throughout the year. body body body garnered a lot of Gen Z attention for his accurate and hilarious portrayals of his peers (plus that killer twist). The comment perfectly summed up Gen Z without being overdone and overdone. (How can I listen to Alice’s podcast?) Audiences could even band together to make memes and poke fun at movies like X and pearl. When the creators weren’t making TikTok edits of Mia Goth’s best monologues, replicating her outfits for Halloween, or dissecting Pearl’s insane female fury, time was spent jokingly hinting at her characters’ affiliation: “She’s so me (I need professional help) ‘ commented one person a pearl tick tock.

With A24 capping off a fantastic year with a bow, there’s already a lot to look forward to. Yet another look at mom issues in If you saved the world directed by Jesse Eisenberg, starring Finn Wolfhard and Julianne Moore in January 2023. Plus more from Mia Goth pearl series with Maxxxine, and much more. Here’s hoping that as the studio ages, it continues to connect with Gen Z in the same incredible ways it did in 2022. At least we’ll always have the memes.

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