A Guide to &TEAM: Everything You Should Know About ENHYPEN’s Werewolf Rivals


A Guide to &TEAM: Everything You Should Know About ENHYPEN’s Werewolf Rivals +2023

After more than two years of development, Japanese group &TEAM from HYBE Entertainment has arrived and is ready to howl at the moon. The band’s nine members – K, Fuma, Nicholas, EJ, Yuma, Jo, Harua, Taki and Maki – debuted on December 7th and have already topped the Japanese music charts with their debut EP. First howl: ME. You may have heard her debut emo rock single “Under the Skin” or caught their playful “Scent of You” music video In this beginner’s guide you will learn everything you need to know about the nine members and the ambitious concept of &TEAM.

How did &TEAM come about?

&TEAM was formed in the competition reality show & Audition: The Howlwhich is free to stream on YouTube (you can start with episode one with this link). Above &Audition In eight episodes, 15 trainees competed in group competitions to improve their performance and teamwork. Together, they worked toward a common goal: earn enough &Balls after each challenge to fill an empty &Ring and secure their debut. Challenges included covers of works by artists such as BTS, Seventeen, Monsta X and Taemin, as well as Tomorrow X Together, who visited the trainees to offer advice over a pizza and chicken lunch.

four of &Audition 15 trainees – K, Nicholas, EJ and Taki – performed I COUNTRY, the competition show that founded &TEAM’s brother group, ENHYPEN, in 2020. That year, Big Hit Labels Japan confirmed that the quartet would debut in a Japanese group. As confirmed members of the graduation team, K, Nicholas, EJ and Taki acted as guides and mentors for the other trainees &Auditionbut still performed with them as if they were competing with themselves.

In the show’s finale, a combination of viewer and producer voting determined the five additional members of &TEAM: Fuma, Yuma, Jo, Harua and Maki.

What is the concept of &Team?

&TEAM’s werewolf concept was featured in ENHYPEN’s “Drunk-Dazed” music video two years ago. K and EJ appeared as werewolves who followed the vampiric ENHYPEN and established an undying rivalry that spans decades.

Now &TEAM’s debut single “Under the Skin” adds a backstory to their friendship. It establishes the nine &TEAM members as isolated teenage werewolves in search of belonging. They find each other and unite as a pack by “howling”. The song’s lyrics reflect this need for connection: “My heart is screaming, where are you?” they sing, “Howling from afar, the soft ‘Save me’… I want to meet you and know why my heart is like this.” hurts. ”


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