9 Wednesday Easter Eggs & Hidden Addams Family References You Missed +2023

Warning: minor spoilers for Netflix Wednesday ahead.

Wednesday, Tim Burton’s latest twisted creation, finally arrived on November 23 after months of nagging teasers. The Addams Family Wednesday Addams horror slash fantasy slash coming of age series was an instant hit, topping the streamer’s top 10 shows throughout its release weekend in the USA.

The series, which stars Jenna Ortega, follows Wednesday Addams on her most terrifying journey yet…to boarding school. As a student at the fictional Nevermore Academy, her parents’ alma mater, Wednesday faces the onerous duties of a typical teenager.

This includes but is not limited to: embracing their newfound psychic abilities, solving a supernatural mystery, saving an entire town from supernatural violence, and building their own community friends outcasts.

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Wednesday was praised for its spooky tone, set design, cast performances, and plot twists. However, beneath the show’s grim exterior hides a host of minute details and references that are hidden on purpose. Did you catch all the references to the Addams Family movies or Tim Burton’s Easter Eggs?

Just in case you weren’t blessed with supernatural eyes like Wednesday Addams, we’ve got you covered – keep scrolling to see them all Wednesday Easter eggs and hidden references you may have missed.

Allusions to Tim Burton’s films are hidden in the stage design


When speaking to diversity and Netflix Tudum, Wednesday Production designer Mark Scruton revealed there were hidden references built into the show’s sets — specifically in the normie city of Jericho. “In the city [of Jericho], a lot of the store fronts were stolen straight from the Chas Addams cartoons,” Scruton said of the meaning behind the sets. “There’s a flower shop, a cobbler’s shop, a thrift store.” Above for references to the original Addams family Cartoons showing the showrunners’ last names (Miles Millar and Alfred Gough) appear on the window of the therapist’s office on Wednesday, and there are hidden references to them, too Wednesday Series creator Tim Burton’s films.

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