8 natural ways to lighten dark hair at home without bleach +2023

8 natural ways to lighten dark hair at home without bleach

  • You can lighten your hair without bleach or a visit to the hair salon.
  • Lemon juice, baking soda, sea salt, and tea are all great hair lightening agents.
  • These natural hair lightening methods can be done at home using ingredients you already have.

Every once in a while, when I’m starting to get bored with my dark hair color, I get a twinge of envy when I see my blonde, beachy-wavy friends. It feels like chic braids flatter them so much, but I’m too afraid to lose my hair color virginity and lighten my dark hair. I’ve never worked my straight brown hair, and colorists are always trying to convince me to give coloring a try.

Rather than give in to peer pressure, I’m turning to natural remedies to quickly lighten my hair at home. If you are also a brunette with naturally dark hair, I suggest you do the same. If you’ve been searching for natural ways to lighten dark hair, then you should listen. While you may not achieve platinum blonde status, these simple tricks using lemon juice, tea, baking soda, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, and more will give your hair sun-kissed golden tones without the need for serious bleaching. These tricks can give you natural highlights without ever having to set foot in a salon.

Read on to learn how to lighten your dark hair at home.