8 holiday movies from 2021 that deserve a repeat in 2022 +2023

A year away from the release of The bitch who stole ChristmasIt’s very easy to wonder if the film was a bizarre fever dream – the result of curling up on the couch after drinking spiked eggnog and enjoying a season of it RuPaul’s Drag Race. While this actually sounds like a pretty chilled way to spend a cold December night, you don’t have to be hallucinating to watch The bitch who stole Christmas. The film is very real, very violent and very festive. This Hallmark Romcoms show drops Kyrsta Rodriguez (smashed) in a tiny, Christmas-obsessed town ruled by Glamazens (aka Drag Race Superstars like Ginger Minj, Brooke Lynn Hytes, Jan and Peppermint) who are determined to win the annual Christmas decorating contest. But Rodriguez’s reporter is there for more: She’s a journalist looking for news, mom, and nothing will stand in her way…except maybe all that friendship…and all those 6’5″ drag queens.

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