6 quick and easy Christmas menus to make +2023

Yes, we all know that it is convenient to plan the Christmas parties, think about the menus weeks in advance and buy the ingredients before the famous (and feared) climb of prices. But, although the intention is good, most of the time we stand on the eve of the appointed days with nothing prepared.

Or, what is worse, surprise guests show up to those who do not know what to offer in such a special celebration. So take good note of our following proposals in which you will find everything: christmas snacksstarters, second courses with meat recipes Y fish and of course,Christmas desserts!

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What is the Christmas menu?

There is no single valid menu for these holidays, but it can be of great help to have a little organization when presenting your culinary skills on these very important dates. Although there is a wide variety of proposals for complete menus for Christmasmost of them tend to keep the same structure so that diners can enjoy different dishes for each moment of the evening:

Easy and colorful appetizers

In this selection we have chosen varied and striking proposals such as avocado shots, tartlets or cucumber sandwiches, but you can improvise some simple ones christmas canapes to surprise your guests with pre-cooked toast or puff pastry. And for the topping or filling, prawns, salmon, pâtés, cheeses and pickles.

The trick. Serve the appetizers in shot glasses, mini custard cups, cupcake tins, ceramic spoons, or wooden skewers for a more festive feel.

irresistible appetizers

One of the keys to the last minute Christmas menu is that it is appetizing without investing time that you do not have. For this reason, among our proposals for first courses for Christmas there are traditional creams, a delicious salpicon and various Christmas salads with a special touch. They are recipes without excessive difficulty that have an irresistible appearance and flavor as a common denominator.

The trick. Even if you’re tight on time, it doesn’t hurt to make sure that none of your diners have allergies or any food intolerances. It’s better to prevent than to cure!

seconds with star

Depending on the tastes of the diners or if you want a lighter or more forceful menu, you can opt for meat or fish dishes. Among the first you will find pork tenderloin, rabbit or turkey breast, all with the most appetizing sauces or fillings. As for the fish, you will succeed with monkfish skewers, sea bass rolls or scallops.

The trick. You also have other options, since both large pieces of meat and whole fish can be cooked in the oven. This will help you save time and show off easily because they are delicious!

party desserts

Finally, as a finishing touch for an improvised menu, but complete and careful, we have thought of how to give a Christmas touch to dessert. To do this, you can encourage yourself with a Christmas tree very easy to make puff pastry, a tasty and homemade white chocolate nougat with pistachios, or a tropical fruit salad to lighten up but without giving up glamour.

The trick. Fruit in syrup with scoops of ice cream and trays of nougats or assorted Christmas sweets always work. Of course, put them pretty on a pastry lace and some Christmas decorations.

6 last minute Christmas menus

Here are the 6 quick and easy Christmas menu proposals. It consists of appetizer, first, second and dessert. At the end of the article you will find the recipes.

Option 1

  • Avocado cream and prawn shots
  • Salad with lamb’s lettuce with goat cheese.
  • Pork tenderloin with paprika mashed potatoes.
  • Tangerine cream tartlets.

Option 2

  • Goat cheese with jam and nuts.
  • Cream of chestnuts and mushrooms.
  • Rack of lamb with honey.
  • Tropical fruit salad.

Option 3

  • Cucumber, salmon and cheese montaditos.
  • Shrimp, fish and mushroom skewers.
  • Christmas cream with prawns.
  • Turkey breast stuffed with apple.
  • Chocolate bites with nuts.

Option 4

  • Stuffed tartlets.
  • Sea bass rolls with ratatouille.
  • Sirloin steak with port sauce and baked apple.
  • White chocolate nougat.

Option 5

  • Shrimp salad.
  • Scallops Galician.
  • Baked cod with onion sauce.
  • White chocolate and blueberry tartlet.

Option 6

  • Deviled eggs.
  • Mango and pomegranate salad.
  • Fish with shellfish.
  • Puff pastry and cocoa cream Christmas tree.
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