50 original and unusual boy names to inspire you +2023

Do you already know that you are going to have a child? !! Congratulations!! Now it’s time to think about the name of the little one. Surely you have wondered what are the most modern and popular names of 2022. According to the INE, the name that is being given the most to newborns this year is Martín.

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But maybe what you’re really looking for is an original, unique and distinctive boy’s name. That is, you want your little one to have an unrepeatable name. If that is your case, you have come to the right place.

Today we have collected 50 original boy names among which you will surely find one that you fall in love with. These are really special, and they are in every language you can imagine. The important thing is that you like it, both written and heard, because it will be the name of the most important person in your life.

The 50 most modern boy names of 2022-2023

Are you ready? Here you have the most original and special names that we have found for you.

What is the best name for a boy?

The best name for a boy is the one that you think represents his personal essence.. It is difficult to determine when he is so young, but you can think about the values ​​that you want to instill in him from his earliest childhood. That way, you can choose a name whose meaning represents what you want to pass on to your child.

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It is also key that you like the name in form and sound. That is to say, when you see it written or hear it you consider it beautiful. You can start by taking a look at the original names that we leave you later.

What name is in fashion in 2022?

The name that is most fashionable this 2022 for newborns is Martín, although according to the INE the name that men use the most this year is Antonio.

If neither of these two options convinces you, don’t worry. Later we will leave you 50 truly original names for boys among which you will surely find one that you like.

What boy names are unusual?

The less common names for boys are those that, Either they are in another language, or they have not been used regularly for a long time.

We can give the example of the first Ossian case, which is a Scottish variant of Oisín, created by the poet James Macpherson. As an example of the second option you have many more: Bastián, Gaspar, Dario, Damián, etc.

If you don’t like any of these, Keep reading, because we are going to give you many other interesting options if you are looking for original boy names.

original boy names

  • adriel
  • allan
  • axel
  • Bastian
  • Tiago
  • Bruno
  • Tristan
  • Casio
  • Eider
  • Darey
  • Daniel
  • Nico
  • damien
  • denis
  • Enzo
  • Dylan
  • Ander
  • Adam
  • Edgar
  • Aeneas
  • Fabian
  • Fran
  • Gael
  • Gerald
  • guy
  • Hans
  • halley
  • Hernan
  • Hugo
  • Ibai
  • Ian
  • Isaac
  • jael
  • Jacob
  • joel
  • Joshua
  • Lion
  • Luca
  • Matthew
  • Martin
  • Matthias.
  • Max
  • Wildman
  • Nicanor
  • Noah
  • oriel
  • pau
  • Rayan
  • Sasha
  • Ossian

Now that you have seen our proposals with the most original boy’s names, you cannot miss our recommendations on games to entertain children with which you will surprise them and enjoy together.

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