50 Christmas carols to enjoy these holidays even more +2023

Christmas is coming! If something cannot be missing at these parties, it is the iconic Christmas carols. There are more popular and lesser-known ones, some with a flamenco touch and others very traditional, for children or the whole family. But in what there is no discrepancy is that they all fill us with the Christmas spirit.

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If you are thinking of preparing your Christmas playlist this year, We recently prepared a list of Christmas songs that you can not miss. But if what you want is to only listen to Christmas carols while you open the gifts or prepare your christmas recipeshere you have a wide range of songs that will accompany you.

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today we bring you 50 Christmas carols that you will lovewhich you will be able to enjoy while you place the christmas decorations your home or during family gatherings at these holidays. Surely more than one you know and you can sing it out loud.

Ready to enjoy the holidays? Here you have our collection of Christmas carols!

What are the best Christmas carols?

In my opinion, the best Christmas carols are those that are sung from the heart, that represent a small part of what Christmas means to us. Therefore, for me among the best are Silent Night and White Christmas.

What carols are sung at Christmas?

The carols that are sung at Christmas are usually those that are catchy and easy to learn. Some clear examples are Ay chiquirritin, Ya viene los Reyes or Arre Borriquito. Other quite popular ones are The fish in the river or The twelve bells, which are especially liked by the little ones.

What is the famous Christmas carol?

Of all the Christmas carols we have mentioned on this list, there are some that are truly iconic. Probably, among the most famous, the one that stands out the most is Silent Night, which is not only sung in Spain and has versions in various languages.

flamenco Christmas carols

Draw Water from the Well – Raya Real

A lovely carol with rhythm, interpreted by authentic flamenco artists. One of the best options to start the holidays.

Girl Mary – Royal Stripe

Repeat interpreters, this time with a precise Christmas carol dedicated to the Virgin Marysomething very typical of flamenco Christmas themes.

Flamenquito – Raya Real Youth Choir of Campanilleros

The Raya Real youth choir is not far behind with this classic flamenco Christmas carol. A piece that will encourage you to feel the Christmas spirit.

Poor Nacio – Raya Real

The title itself already warns us of the flamenco rhythm of this beautiful Christmas carol. Christmas spirit is breathed in every beat.

A Prayer – Emilia Jandra

The magnificent voice of Emilia Jandra guides us through this classic flamingo Christmas carol that will give you the willies.

Lullabies – Emilia Jandra

Emilia Jandra is undoubtedly one of the great voices of the flamingo Christmas carol. And this, one of the most exciting songs in the category.

Child Manué – The Canasteros

here’s another one classic flamenco carol themewhich already tells us from its title of its origin, this time interpreted by the members of Los Canasteros.

Madroños al Niño – Los Canasteros

The Canasteros repeat in our list of flamingo Christmas carols with this classic song to the Virgin and Saint Joseph, which is loaded with Christmas spirit.

Fiesta por Bulerías – La Perla de Cádiz Flamenco Group

We are going to Cádiz, the cradle of flamingo Christmas carolsto enjoy this interpretation by hand by the Grupo Flamenco de La Perla.

La Rama del Laurel – Flamenco Group La Perla de Cádiz

We do not walk away from this great group to listen to another lovely flamingo carolinterpreted by masterful voices.

Times Count – Raya Real

We return with Raya Real, which never disappoints and has become almost the most representative sound of the flamingo Christmas carols. Here we have another great theme that you are going to love.

Junco y Helechos – Raya Real Campanilleros Youth Choir

Once again, the Youth Choir of the Raya Real Campanilleros makes our skin bloom with this Christmas carol so flamenco.

La Tarara – Jose Galan

In a list of flamenco Christmas carols, José Galán and the tarara. Here we have them both, to enjoy a great flamenco voice.

The Child God – Manolo Simón

Manolo Simón could not be lost on our list either. Enjoy his interpretation of this incredible flamingo Christmas carol.

The Clock of the Convent – Parsley

Perejil is another great source of classic and magnificent Flemish Christmas carols. We start with this wonderful Christmas song flamenco.

Go the Carts – Parsley

Here Parsley repeats with another great classic carol of flamenco music. Turn off your mind, close your eyes and let yourself go.

José sang – Los Canasteros

The Canasteros give José a leading role, which he seldom occupies, in this beautiful flamingo carol.

A Gypsy Boy – The Canasteros

We end the section on flamenco Christmas carols with this classicperformed by the wonderful voices of Los Canasteros.

popular Christmas carols

The fish in the river – Manolo Escobar

manolo escobar could not be missing from this great list of popular Christmas carols. His interpretation of this sonorous and popular song is one of my favorites.

The Little Shepherds Go and Go – Manolo Escobar

Who has not ever sung this carol at Christmas? manolo escobar He gives us one of the best interpretations of it that we can find.

Antón – The Christmas Choir Boys

Another indisputable classic! Surely just by reading the title you are already intoning the melody of this popular Christmas carol.

Bell on bell – Manolo Escobar

Manolo Escobar repeats in our list, this time with A Christmas Carolclassic where they exist, in which Christmas scenes are listed to the sound of the bells.

Saint Joseph to the Child Jesus – Carols

This Christmas carol, which is perhaps less well known than others, will awaken your memory in its first notes. Surely his recognizable melody brings back memories of other Christmases.

Tonight A Child is Born – Christmas Carols

The best carols are those that refer to the birth of Jesus, since that is what Christmas is about. Here’s a clear and popular example.

Ay chiquirritin – Vanessa and the Dot Com

This curiously named group makes a rather good of this popular Christmas carol. It is among my favorites on the list.

Tell me Child whose you are – Vanessa and the Dot Com

Children’s voices are a clear representation of Christmas, and even more of the carols. In this they show us talent and tradition.

Catatumba – Bubbles

Although less well known than others on the list, this Christmas carol It has become very popular, and that is why it cannot be missing from our list.

The virgin was a laundress – Bubbles

The Christmas carols dedicated to the Virgin are always my favorites. And this one, played by the Chorus Bubblesis in my top.

The Kings Are Coming – Christmas Carols

Surely just by reading this title you are already singing. a mythical Christmas carol about one of the most anticipated moments of these dates, Three Kings Day.

Oh Manolito – Manolo Escobar

Manolo Escobar not only gave voice to the more classic and traditional Christmas carolsalso popularized other lesser known that achieved great fame at the time.

Balthazar – Manolo Escobar

This carol, dedicated to the misfortunes of poor Baltasaris one of my favorites related to the Magi.

A donkey goes to Bethlehem – Christmas carols

Another sound classic with a lot of rhythm I’m sure you started singing as soon as you read the title. An inevitable title in your Christmas playlist.

The Bethlehem Burrito – La Rondallita

We continue with the same theme of the previous title, carols dedicated to the figure of the donkey or the donkey, which take on great importance on these dates.

In the Portal of Bethlehem – Children’s Choir

We end the list with an indisputable classic into the world of Christmas carols. Don’t try to stop it, you’ll start singing as soon as you hear the first note.

children’s carols

Fun Fun Fun – Children

We start the list of Christmas carols with a classic that enchants the little ones sung by children.

Arre borriquito – Vanessa and Los Dot Com

This Christmas carol never fails. Put it at home and you will discover how children and some adults with a childish soul enjoy it.

The Twelve Chimes – Vanessa and Los Dot Com

Time to count! What better way to remember the numbers this year than singing this carol in which the famous 12 chimes are listed.

Rin Rin – Children’s Choir

The children’s choir repeats on this list with a beautiful children’s carol that will make the little ones in the house fall in love.

The Virgin and Saint Joseph – Parchis

The legendary children’s music group gave life to many Christmas carols, including this classic that I love.

Ring the Bells – Christmas Carols

The bells are a recurring element in the children’s carolsas in this well-known case.

A tambourine sounds – Christmas carols

Time to get out the instruments! Tambourines are an essential part of Christmas and any Christmas carolespecially this one.

Sing, Laugh and Drink – Parchis

If your little ones feel like dancing around to the sound of some Christmas carols, here you have a good option to begin with, interpreted by Parchís.

Silent Night – Ludo

this precious carol It is very exciting, and the little ones love it. To the sound of Parcheesi, you can help them memorize it to later delight the family at parties.

White Christmas – Parcheesi

Another great Christmas carol that we should not forget, interpreted, one more time for ludo. You may end up liking it more than your little ones.

Little Jesus Of My Life – White Voices Choir

Who has not sung at some time in his life this lovely carol? Now it’s the turn of the little ones in the house to learn it.

Let’s go Little Shepherds – Children’s Choir “Pompeya”

The children’s choir “Pompeya” gives life to this precious and classic Christmas carol dedicated to other great protagonists of Christmas landscapes: the shepherds.

Tonight is Christmas Eve – Children’s Choir “La alegría”

If your little one is not very clear about how Christmas dates are ordered, this classic Christmas carol It will give you the clue you need to never forget it.

The shepherds who knew – Children’s Choir “La Alegría”

Once again we have the shepherds as protagonists of this precious children’s carol. The little ones are going to enjoy it in a big way!

Alegría, Alegría – Children’s Choir “La Alegría”

Joy is an indispensable part of Christmas, and that is why this children’s carol he puts it as the central theme of his song.

La Noragüeña – Children’s Choir “Los campanilleros”

Although less common than other options on the list, this children’s carol It’s going to make your little ones love Christmas even more.

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