5 things you can do with your hair before going to bed to take care of it the same as your skin +2023

After having a bob haircut for quite some time, now I am happy with my increasingly long hair. However, for take care of hairfor some time now, I do five things with my hair that I have learned from the experts at bedtime to take care of it the same as my skin.

1. Never go to bed with wet hair

I never go to sleep with him wet hair. With heating systems, sometimes we may think that leaving the wet hair before going to sleep is not bad for our hair but it is quite the opposite. wet hair is more likely to break and from splitting and getting more damaged and entangled, in addition to damaging your scalp.

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2. Blow-dry your damp hair but brush it first

With wet hair, you can cause your hair to break more, so brush it before the washed. Experts recommend brush hair before shower because in addition to activating the circulation in the scalp, it will be much more receptive to any asset that you are going to apply later.

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3. Untangle your hair before bed

Another of the gestures that will help you to have a healthier, brighter and more beautiful hair is untangle it dry and brush it before you go to bed. This is especially important if you have the frizzy hair either thicksince it can become even more tangled at night.

ICON The Cure Spray

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conditions, soothes and softens, leaving hair light and weightless. With aloe vera and protein.

4. Sleep with a ponytail or braid to avoid tangles

if you have the long hairthe ideal is sleep with a low ponytail comfortable or a braid. Because hair can get tangled if you leave it loose and it can also take you longer to style it in the morning. So remember that this gesture will not only protect the hair but also prepare it to better receive hair care products for a prettier mane.

Srum BC Peptide Repair Rescue by Schwarzkopf Professional

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5. Put on a mask, an overnight hair serum or a leave-in conditioner

Although it may seem like a nuisance to you, putting a face maska hair serum or a leave-in conditioner at night, it is the best option to get up with a hydrated hair, healthy and bright. There are excellent products that do not stain anything and leave your hair looser, healthier and more beautiful.

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