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  • Keke Palmer has been an actress in Hollywood since she was a child, with one of her more recent projects being Jordan Peele’s Nope.
  • The star announced she’s expecting her first child with boyfriend Darius Jackson while hosting “Saturday Night Live” on December 3, 2022
  • Keke and Darius have been Instagram officials since August 2021

Keke Palmer had an amazing year in 2022 and she capped it by announcing she’s pregnant! During their first hosting gig for Saturday night live On December 3, the former child actress teased audiences that she had heard rumors online that she was expecting her first child, before unzipping her jacket and revealing the gossip ran wild! After starring in the summer blockbuster nope alongside Oscar winners Daniel Kaluya and a bunch of high profile projects on deck, Keke flaunting her growing baby bump was the icing on the cake!

Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson are expecting their first child together. (background grid)

“You know, I have to say, though,” Keke added on the Studio 8H stage. “It’s bad when people spread rumors about you on the internet, but it’s even worse when they’re right. But honestly that was the biggest blessing and I’m so excited guys – I’m going to be a mom!”

Of course now fans, especially those who watch Keke grow up on TV on Nickelodeon True Jackson, Vice PresidentShe wants to know everything about Keke’s boyfriend after the pregnancy surprise at 30 Rock. Read on to find out more about the actress’ boyfriend. Darius Jacksonunder.

Darius is an all-rounder

According to his LinkedIn page, Darius Jackson has worked in both the fitness and entertainment industries over the years US Weekly. According to the outlet, over 19,000 followers have subscribed to his YouTube channel, where he claims to have been an instructor at Inspire Fitness.

What was Keke and Darius’ sweet meeting?

While both Keke and Darius appear very private when it comes to their personal lives, it’s been reported that the couple first met at a Memorial Day party hosted by Unsure star Issa Rae.

He gushed over her for her official reveal on Instagram

It wasn’t until the couple officially took to Instagram in August 2021 that fans found out about the romance. “You were a blessing from above,” Darius wrote about Keke at the time Instagram. “I never expected the summer of 2021 to be like this, but here we are. I’m glad we were able to help each other out at our lowest times and show each other that what we bring to the table is all we have.”

Keke Palmer Announced She and Darius Jackson Were Pregnant During Their ‘SNL’ Hosting Appearance, (NBC)

His brother was on “Insecure”

The happy coincidence of meeting at the Memorial Day party may be thanks to Darius’ brother, actor Sarunas Jackson. Sarunas continued to play Dro Unsure alongside Issa Rae and was reportedly invited by her to the barbecue, with Darius reportedly coming along metro.

Keke is “happiest” with Darius.

Keke was all about their romance when she spoke to her bustle in March 2022. “This is the happiest thing I’ve ever felt with anyone,” she gushed. “So why should I bother to hide this person? It’s a lot more work than just living in my life and being in my life.”

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