5 haircuts and 3 types of highlights, get up to date in 3 minutes with the fall hair trends +2023

At the same time that the weather and the season change, so does our hair and if you feel like giving it a new air, you will like to discover these five haircuts and three types of wicks to get up to date in three minutes with the new fall hair trends.

shag cut

The 70s style haircuts and 90 return to play with the texture of your hair and to bring movement to the fine hair. Thus the long hair is transformed into shag cuts or shaggy with short layers and volume in the upper area providing less weight.

bob haircut

Florence Pugh with a bob haircut.

Florence Pugh with a bob haircut.GTres Online.

In autumn continue to predominate bob cut, a classic that is always a trend. It is worn in all its variants, curved, with waves, asymmetrical, mini or up to the shoulders, without a doubt another one of the most requested in hairdressers. It is very difficult for you to feel bad and it is ideal to go well combed with little effort.


The long midi long hair and at the height of the nail

Long midi length hair at clavicle height like the one worn by Alexa Chung have become the most acclaimed in street style.imaxtree.

The clavicle-length hair Also called clavicut, they become another of the star cuts of autumn and have the advantage of being the perfect option for women who do not quite decide on a haircut. short hair but they don’t want to wear extra long hair. It is the ideal middle ground and gives a very fresh air to the face and feels great regardless of the shape of your face.

Hime cut

Nicola Peltz's hime cut.

Nicola Peltz’s hime cut.GTres Online.

The hair cut hime cut is inspired by the aesthetic Japanese manga and this fall is also hitting hard. Combine two types of cut in the same mane, longer at the back and shorter at the sides to the cheekbones or past the chin. Without a doubt, ideal and original for straight hair. And it can be worn with or without bangs. Of course, it is not a look to go unnoticed. And to favor the round faces and squares, it should exceed the jaw. And in the elongated ones, better at the height of the cheeks. The bangs are recommended for elongated, oval and heart-shaped or triangular faces.

Curtain and bottleneck bangs

Leia Sfez with curtain bangs in Par's street style

Leia Sfez with curtain bangs in Paris street style.imaxtree.

The bangs They are the order of the day when it comes to changing your look without risking too much the length of your hair. And among the fall favorites are the curtain bangs or open and the bottle neckwith short locks in the center and longer on the sides.

wicks babylights

Olivia Palermo with some babylights.

Olivia Palermo with some babylights.imaxtree.

Between the wicks What is most requested in hairdressers to give your hair an extra light, whether it is more brown or you have an ash or natural blonde, are the babylights, very fine wicks that are reminiscent of reflections. blondes summer hair from when we were little. The best thing is that they contribute a lot shine to hair.

balayage highlights

Balayage highlights adapt to all hair colors and are a trend this fall

Balayage highlights adapt to all hair colors and are a trend this fall.imaxtree.

Balayage highlights are also trend this fall and they create a very natural effect because they do not start from the root, but rather have a natural weathered look that suits all types of hair color and faces.

Face framing highlights

gala gonz

Gala Gonzlez with some face framing highlights in the locks close to her face that highlight her features.imaxtree.

The wicks face framing They also get along a lot this season because enhance our features. They consist of betting on highlights in the locks closest to the face to highlight the features and our gaze.

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