5 hair tricks that will make you look younger

5 hair tricks that will make you look younger +2023

Knew how!
5 hair tricks that will make you look younger

How To!: 5 Hair Tricks That Will Make You Look Younger

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Our hair has a huge impact on our overall appearance. Every hairstyle, every styling and every hair color conveys a different impression. For example, certain hair styles can make you look younger than you actually are. Do you want it? Or would you rather prevent that? Then you can read here what you have to pay attention to.

You want to cheat a few years away or – on the contrary – prevent yourself from looking younger? We tell you the hairstyles that will definitely make you look younger than you are.

1. Bangs

The fringe is a real miracle cure if you want to look a little younger and fresher. It frames the face well, making it appear softer. Incidentally, it covers small forehead wrinkles.

You have the choice: Either you have a long pony cut that goes almost to the eyelashes. That looks particularly fresh. Or you wear an extra short straight fringe. With this you not only appear youthful, but also extremely self-confident to your counterpart. Frayed side bangs also have a rejuvenating effect.

2. Side parting

Yes, the position of the parting can also have a huge impact on how young or old you appear. Side parting for a change will comb your hair in a different direction than usual, making it stand out a bit more. This makes additional optical volume. If you change the parting after every wash, you can play with this effect as often as you like.

3. High Ponytail

A very high ponytail conveys vitality and youthfulness. However, you should not pull it back too hard, as this often seems very hard. For a soft look, you can pull out a few strands at the front that frame the face.

4. Step cut

You want to cheat away for a few years. Then you can also have a few layers cut at the next visit to the hairdresser. The layered hair looks much softer than a cut where all hair is the same length. Hard facial features appear softer and the layers give additional volume, which also appears more youthful.

5. Lighter hair colors

There are also a few things to consider when it comes to hair color if you want to look younger or older. Lighter hair tones than your natural hair color usually have a slightly rejuvenating effect. You can set these as highlights or frame your face with a few lighter highlights.

Very dark tones, on the other hand, tend to appear harsh and have the habit of drawing attention to wrinkles and making your face appear angular.

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