5 eyebrow trends 2023 that you should not lose sight of +2023

If three years ago, at the height of the pandemic, they had asked us how their eyebrows are, the whole planet would have been very clear. However, if we talk about the eyebrow trends 2023Surely you are not so clear about it, especially if you have observed the variety of proposals that have emerged from the fashion, beauty and celebrities.

In that fateful 2020, a year in which the mandatory mask transferred all the attention to the look, the eyebrows were worn thick, bushy and marked. And cosmetics to make them up, touch them up and improve them were gaining space on the shelves of the perfumery sections. Not surprisingly, the eyebrows, which already had a leading role, then became the center of attention.

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What kind of eyebrows is in fashion?

“The eyebrows that continue to be a trend and will continue to be so in 2023 are the ones that provide density as a synonym of youth, without forgetting to wear them polished and groomed, but not excessively to continue maintaining that point of youthful informality,” he says. Alejandra Ciercoles, Micropigmentation expert Clinic of Dr. Mercè Campoy.

The main eyebrow designs that we have fallen in love with in recent seasons will continue to be in fashion. However, this 2023 the possibilities expand. burst the 90s style eyebrows, to which are added the most transgressive proposals in terms of fashion. What types of eyebrows do you stay with for this 2023?

Eyebrow trends 2023

  1. laminated

    The trend is applied to the makeup of the eyebrows, allowing them to be smoothed, combed and fixed so that they remain intact for weeks.

  2. fine

    We put aside the bushy, almost wild eyebrows, to give rise to minimalist designs for which more and more celebrities are betting.

  3. clarified

    These are those platinum blonde dyed eyebrows that manage to modify the expression so much and give rise to an almost futuristic look.

  4. natural

    The commitment to natural eyebrows, both in thickness and in shape, continues to be a growing trend that does not go out of style.

  5. with volume

    we talk about style backcombingone of the most disruptive trends in eyebrows that manages to give them a vertical finish while preserving their volume and thickness.

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Eyebrow trends 2023: laminated

eyebrow trends 2023 laminated cristina pedroche

There is no doubt that the laminate It is the eyebrow treatment of the moment. It is ideal for taming unruly eyebrows and forgetting about daily touch-ups with makeup, as it allows straighten them, comb them and fix them so that they remain intact for weeks.

Also, in line with the laminated treatment, the trend is applied to eyebrow makeup, trying to emulate the perfectionist finish of the popular technique: an almost millimeter definition and an impeccable design. How? With extra-fine tip eyebrow eyeliners that allow you to recreate these designs hair by hair, filling in gaps and giving shape, almost as if it were microblading.

Eyebrow trends 2023: thin

eyebrow trends 2023 fine Nicola Peltz

eyebrow trends 2023 fine Nicola Peltz

Among the 2023 eyebrow trends, the fine nineties eyebrows stand out, which are back.

Without a doubt, it is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. y2k aesthetic How trendy has it become today? And the contrast could not be greater. We have gone from the fashion of bushy and almost wild eyebrows to those so minimalist for which more and more famous bets. The most obvious cases: Bella Hadid Y Nicola Peltz.

Of course, in general terms it is an eyebrow design something more bearable than the one that reigned in the 2000s and that today it has made more than one tremble with the mere idea of ​​thinking that it could return.

Eyebrow trends 2023: clarified

eyebrow trends 2023 clarified Kendall Jenner

eyebrow trends 2023 clarified Kendall Jenner

Among the 2023 eyebrow trends we find the most disruptive: bleached eyebrows.

We have seen more than one celebrity flirt with the trend of bleached eyebrows, only suitable for the most transgressive, like the model kendall jenner or the actress maisie williams. Also in tall proposals on the catwalk, as in the parade of the Versace fall-winter 2022/2023 collection in Milan. It’s about those platinum blonde tinted brows that modify the expression so much and give rise to an almost futuristic look. Although the truth is that, both on the parallels and on the red carpets, those daring looks are usually punctual.

eyebrow trends 2023 clarified Bella Hadid

Beyond transgressions, what we have detected is a tendency towards light or subtly lightened eyebrows, which comes to merge with the fashion for thin eyebrows, in an effort to reduce their weight on the face, contrary to what has been done up to now. Bella Hadid herself wears them in her most recent appearances without makeup, so they lose weight on her face.

Eyebrow trends 2023: natural

eyebrow trends 2023 Rosalía

eyebrow trends 2023 Rosalía

Among the 2023 eyebrow trends, natural ones are worn, in the Rosalía style.

Despite these disruptive trends, fashion and red carpets are one thing and quite another, the street. And those of us who travel through it will continue betting on the natural brows, both in thickness and shape. In this way, the priority will be to find the eyebrow design that best suits our features (by professionals or with these tricks) and make up to our liking to darken them, fill gaps or simply embellish the shape.

Eyebrow trends 2023: with volume

eyebrow trends 2023 lightened Vanessa Kirby

And, in case you were wondering, yes, bushy and thick eyebrows will continue to have their space in fashion, especially with the style backcombing, which gives them a vertical finish that adds volume and thickness. How? Combing up with the brow brush so that the tips of the hairs slightly protrude from the design. Afterwards, gel is applied to fix the finish (with or without color depending on taste and needs) and that’s it.

And you, which eyebrow design do you prefer?

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