5 current bob haircuts that work at 30 or 50 and give volume to fine hair +2023

The bob haircut It does not stop being hair trend one more season and it is that it has the advantage that it favors us at all and at any age. It gives extra volume to fine hair, and is ideal whether you’re wearing it at 30 or 50. In addition, hairdressers recommend this cut because it adapts to your features, enhancing them and gives that “thicker hair with more body” effect. . We have searched for the five most current bob haircuts for you to dare this time with him because they are most inspiring.

blunt bob

The blunt bob is the ideal haircut to harmonize a Oval face like the macarena garca, who has just given in to this cut to clean up her long hair and after years of wearing long hair. It is ideal for fine and straight hair because it provides extra volume and can also be worn with or without bangs and enhances the neck. She doesn’t wear layers but “usually goes an inch below the jaw but with the ends pointed,” she says. David Lesurof the halls david knzle.

micro bob

Naomi Watts has done it again and has trimmed centimeters from her hair at the hands of her stylist Renato Campora to embrace the micro bob, a chin-length haircut that is perfect for giving volume and movement to the hair as well as taking advantage of its texture. It can be worn with the parting in the middle and straight, or behind the ears and in its wavy version to further highlight the features or make-up.

boy bob

If we talk about the shorter and more androgynous version of the bob, I would highlight the boy bob inspired by the 90s. Because it is a cut that is close to the head in the nape area but in the front area, the layers are lengthened until they slightly brush the jaw to achieve more movement. And the truth is that it favors both 20 and 60.

flicky bob

Billie Eilish in a flicky bob with the ends out.

Billie Eilish in a flicky bob with the ends out.GTres Online.

The flicky bob It is another of the bob haircuts that best fit and stylize all types of faces. Its ends go out and reminds us of the preppy aesthetic of the 50s. It can be styled with a wet effect, with the parting to one side, with the hair pulled back… and you can style it with a dryer or iron so that it fits you impeccable turning your wrist outwards in the area of ​​the tips.

Long bob or midi hair

If what you want is to renew your hair but without risking it, do not hesitate to bet on the haircut long bob or midi hair to renew your ends or reset your dry and damaged hair. It is a cut that exceeds the shoulders slightly and is very versatile and easy to style. It is not a very short or very long mane and it is worn on both straight and curly hair. “The key when cutting it is to work it with the razor in the area of ​​the tips to deconstruct them and give the hair more lightness,” he advises. Mara Jos Llatahairdresser stylist carrera wheel.

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