3 Underrated Netflix Shows Everyone Should Watch (2022) +2023

Every year Netflix releases so much new content. It’s almost too much to keep up with, meaning there are several underrated Netflix shows that either fall through the cracks or are overshadowed by the year’s livelier releases.

For some Netflix shows, making the top 10 doesn’t mean the impact will be as widespread as Behemoth titles like stranger things wednesday and manifest. Unfortunately, as the shows wind down with each new addition, certain titles take a back seat. Out of page, out of mind.

But there’s a trio of underrated Netflix shows released this year that, while underrated for various reasons, shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to shuffling year-end lists and “best of” rankings. If others don’t lift these shows, we will!

Underrated Netflix Shows 2022

Remember, there are plenty more Netflix shows this year that deserve better, but here are three of the most underrated Netflix shows that should have been bigger in 2022.

Echoes - Netflix shows

echoes. (L to R) Michelle Monaghan as Gina McCleary, Karen Robinson as Sheriff Floss in Episode 101 of Echoes. Kr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2022


The limited edition mystery thriller echoes was released on Netflix in August 2022, and while critics panned the miniseries, it was a solid hit with viewers in the Netflix Top 10. While it might not have been one of the best Netflix shows of the year, echoes will definitely go down as an underrated series that more fans should have checked out. Likewise, the television academy shouldn’t forget Michelle Monaghan’s amazing Emmy-season performance.

Blockbuster - Netflix show

blockbuster. (L to R) Melissa Fumero as Eliza, Randall Park as Timmy in Episode 108 of Blockbuster. Kr. Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix © 2022


Netflix original comedy series have an incredibly difficult time attracting and retaining an audience for any length of time. There were exceptions such as Grace and Frankie and animated hits like Big mouth and BoJack Rider, but sadly, most Netflix comedies are short-lived. This year’s comedy newcomer blockbuster, taking place at the video store’s last US location wasn’t nearly as bad as critics would have us believe. Randall Park and Melissa Fumero are great together, and once the series takes off, she’s super charming and funny.

blockbuster took 10+ episodes and absolutely more than a season to fully hit its stride, its groove, its sweet spot. The series would likely have that opportunity if it aired on a network like ABC or NBC. Even if Netflix decides to shut down blockbuster Forever, let’s hope new viewers are still watching the underrated and misunderstood comedy series that deserved better.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Part 1 - Netflix Shows

Firefly Lane. (L to R) Katherine Heigl as Tully, Sarah Chalke as Kate, Jolene Purdy as Justine in Episode 205 of Firefly Lane. Kr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Firefly Lane

Back in February 2021, the drama series Firefly Lane Premiered on Netflix to modest success, aided by the combined star power of leading actresses Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke. The second season lasted nearly two years to premiere with the first nine episodes of a 16-episode final season. Unfortunately, the big return of the hit series kind of fell flat.

but Firefly Lane should have added more fanfare to its second season. Heigl and Chalke are better than ever, as are Ali Skovbye and Roan Curtis, the young actresses who play the teen versions of Tully and Kate. The series should have the same viewership success as another Netflix original romantic drama Virgin River. Don’t miss one of the most underrated Netflix shows of the year.

Which underrated Netflix shows do you think deserve more attention in 2022? Share your choices in the comments!

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