3 in 1: Your eye make-up will be more varied +2023

1 eyeshadow – 3 looks
This is how you bring more variety to your eye make-up

1 eyeshadow - 3 looks

1 eyeshadow – 3 looks

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Do you oscillate between safety and the urge to try something new when it comes to your eye make-up? Then these three variations are just right for you. Best of all, you only need an eyeshadow of your choice.

Who does not know it? Actually, you have found your perfect eye make-up routine, you know which colors suit you and also how best to apply your make-up, but still you get itchy fingers from time to time to try something new. We’ll show you three looks in which you can stay true to your favorite eyeshadow, but still bring some swing and variety to your eye make-up with different techniques.

Mono eyeshadow

This eye trend is for everyone who doesn’t feel like complicated blinding methods. With the mono eyeshadow, you simply apply the entire product to your lid. You don’t need any extra colors to set any highlights. In addition to the movable lid, you also blend your eyeshadow generously beyond the crease. Especially with eyeshadow colors in pastel shades, this look looks great.

Eye shadow eyeliner

This hack also shows that your eyeshadow is a real all-rounder. You can also use your eyeshadow as an eyeliner with a slanted brush. With some types of eyeshadow, it can be useful to add some fixing spray to the powder so that the consistency becomes a little more liquid and therefore lasts better. Here, too, you can let off steam depending on the color. You then draw your eyeliner as you are used to from your real eyeliner.

Highlights: Know where

Do you know that? Sometimes you just want a little pop of color. That’s where this eye make-up variant comes in handy. To add a little highlight, simply apply some eyeshadow to the inside of your eye. Tip: If you don’t have any eyeshadow at hand, blush is also ideal for bringing some freshness into your look and emphasizing the inner corner of the eye.


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