3 causes of hair loss and how to treat each of them

3 causes of hair loss and how to treat each of them +2023

On average, our scalp has 100,000 hairs that grow, live for a while in “rest” and fall off. It is the life cycle of our hair that is sometimes altered for various reasons. These alterations are what produce a each capillary greater than 100 daily fibers, which is the normal number of capillary recycling since when some fall, others grow. If this cycle is interrupted or the hair follicle is damaged, we can notice that the hair falls more abundantly and quickly.

why does hair fall out

There are three main causes that identify hair loss:

  • hormonal. It is known as androgenetic alopecia and is due to a genetic sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone. It is more frequent in men than in women, delaying the hair growth line and depopulating the crown area. In women, the symptoms are drastic thinning of the hair, making evident a drastic loss of density in the hair.
  • nutritional. It is due to the lack of basic nutrients for hair to grow strong and healthy. Vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D3, ferritin, iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and folic acid that make this the most common cause of hair loss.
  • inflammatory. It is the most diverse, where all kinds of conditions are included: from those caused by contact with chemical products (such as bleach) to those caused by autoimmune disorders, those derived from side effects due to the action of medications or those caused by stress.

What to do if my hair falls out: solutions for each cause

It is very difficult to predict if we are going to suffer some kind of alopecia during our lifetime, unless we have genetic background, in which case, there is little we can do. When we get down to work it is usually when we already notice the effects of hair loss and, in cases with a genetic background, it is practically impossible to remedy.

When there is a genetic background

When there is a genetic background, there is no possible prevention against hair loss.imaxtree

However, when in the shower we see an abnormal amount of hair stagnating in the drain or the trace of loss on the brush is worrying, we can find out if there is another type of cause where we can act. The most immediate thing is to make a blood test to assess hormone levels or if there is any nutritional deficiency such as iron deficiency.

Refering to inflammatory lossAlthough it is the most difficult to prevent, it is the easiest to attack. For example, in the case of stress the solution is obvious: avoid stress; Although in practice it is not easy. But we can also avoid the obstruction in inflammation of the hair follicle by using a scalp exfoliator or avoiding subjecting our hair to excessively tight hairstyles that cause this inflammation.

The best thing in all cases is to see a doctor. specialist so that it clearly identifies the causes of hair loss and if it really is a case that needs treatment, because many times we get scared when we notice a narrower ponytail and, simply, it is our perception. Therefore, the help of an expert is essential to determine what the treatment that best suits you, especially when it comes to a pharmacological regimen.

Why our hair falls out and what to do to avoid it, with Dr. Sergio Va

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