25 sexy movies on Netflix in December 2022


25 sexy movies on Netflix in December 2022 +2023

Need to heat up this December? What’s better than enjoying a double feature of sexy movies, courtesy of Netflix? The streaming service has an ever-growing collection of sexy movies for you to watch right now. From blushing new Netflix originals to steamy recaps to highly anticipated releases, the streaming platform has tons of sexy movies to suit all tastes, whether you’re curled up in front of the screen alone or with a date.

But we know it can be daunting to sift through Netflix’s vast catalog of content looking for the right sexy Netflix movies for your night out. Whether you’re looking for a steamy foreign flick, an erotic romance, an enticing period drama or a sensual LGBTQ+ love story, this roundup of hot movies has you covered any night of the week. We’ve handpicked the hottest movies Netflix has to offer this month, and the selection is hot enough to make you sweat despite the chilly weather outside.

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