25 haircuts with bangs of 2023 according to your hair type +2023

Many of my clients rule out bangs because of their hair type. And it is that the difficult handling makes them rethink itsince it can be a real nightmare to comb your hair. If you’ve ever worn it, you know exactly what I’m talking about…

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Before telling you which type of bangs will best suit the needs of your hair, I want to share with you some expert tricks so that you get the best version of it based on your hair type.

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What bangs are in 2023?

The bangs are one of the great protagonists of the haircuts of 2023. It has a rejuvenating effect and is capable of enhancing facial features.. There are many bangs, but this year the ones that are most popular are the thick ones, the fringe to the 70s and 90s, the curtain fringe, the long and open ones in its XL version, for the most daring, the baby bangs and the straight one, that never goes out of style.

The haircut that best suits you according to the shape of your face

How do I know if the bangs will suit me?

If you have ever asked yourself this question, you should know that bangs look good on anyone, you just need to find the right one to favor your type of face. The luck is that there are a wide variety of bangs with which you can get the perfect oval.

  • If you have long face, The bangs that will favor you the most are the straight ones, those with a rounded shape, the curtain type or the lopsided and scaled ones, since they frame the face and are very flattering.
  • The Oval face It is the most versatile, so, if this is your case, you can bet on any bangs so you can choose the one you like the most. Also, you should know that, in general terms, the haircut that favors oval and elongated faces the most is, without a doubt, the bob cut.
  • For the square faces, Sideways, layered and slightly blunt bangs will be the best option to soften the features.
  • If your face is round, opt for lopsided, curtain-type or straight bangs, which harden the traces.
  • The heart shaped faces they need to highlight the chin, so the ideal will be to choose light or curtain bangs that are not thick and that do not cover the forehead so as not to divert the gaze there.
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If there is a cut that looks good on everyone, that is the cut clavicut. Whether you have bangs or not, straight, wavy or curly hair… You are going to look very favored with it!

Tricks for each type of hair

  • Fine hair that gets dirty easily. If this is your case and you want to join the bangs trend, I recommend you take wipes for the shine on the face, which also serve to absorb oil from the hair. If you apply them in the forehead area, you will prevent your bangs from getting dirty so quickly.
  • Thin and short hair. If you have a short haircut and fine hair, it works very well to use spray-type ‘styling’ products (not exactly hairsprays), which simply provide a point of thickness to the hair, but without fixing the hairspray. You will get the hairstyles to have movement and stay, but without weighing down the hair.
  • Lots of hair and frizzy. One of the things that work very well are keratins, which eliminate frizz and reduce hair frizz, but maintain movement.
  • Curly and frizzy hair. It is best to use a type of shampoo that does not have a soap base and a defining product. This way you will control the bangs and maintain the perfect curl.
  • Fine and frizzy hair. It is best to use an iron that has steam on the part of the bangs. In this way, you will seal the cuticle very well and both the hairstyle and the bangs will last longer in their place.
  • Fine hair that needs volume. The best trick is to blow-dry the hair forward with a thick brush and shape it as desired. In this way, more volume is achieved in the bangs.
  • Smooth and with a lot of hair. The ideal is not to cut too much of the bangs, because it can look too thick. The key is to hollow it out slightly so it doesn’t look so dense.
  • XS curls. They are very dry afro hair. One of the best things out there to moisturize them is pure shea butter. Use it to keep the curls defined both in the bangs and in the rest of the hair.

Sometimes we have the feeling that celebrities have great hair and perfect for wearing bangs but, in many cases, they have the same problem than us when it comes to taming it. If you are thinking of updating your look with a women’s haircut with a bangs, do not miss the gallery because I will tell you which bangs will suit you best according to the type of hair you have.​

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