2023 Turkey’s Best Health Retreats and Resorts for Rest and Relaxation

2023 Turkey’s Best Health Retreats and Resorts for Rest and Relaxation

Find the best spa and Wellness retreats and resorts in Turkey From yoga retreats to detox programs, from meditation to ecotherapy, to comprehensive spas and therapies, you can relax and plan your next wellness escape.

What is Health Tourism?

Health tourism is a type of tourism that includes people who want to travel to protect their health, as well as health retreats that offer healthy treatments. Wellness tourism should not be confused with medical or health tourism. Wellness tourism is only about quality of life. It is believed that wellness treatments and therapies can restore the vital balance between your body, mind and spirit towards balance and harmony of health. And with this combination, a rebalancing and restoring of the energy flow that brings general well-being takes place.

Health Tourism in Turkey

Turkey It invests millions of dollars to support the increase in demand in both medical-health tourism and wellness tourism with long-term strategies. Turkey’s historical heritage, extraordinary nature, beautiful coasts and scenery, idyllic beaches, perfect weather all year round and mild Mediterranean climate make the country a prime destination for wellness and spa tourism worldwide. It is possible to find all the materials that are vital for a healthy life and well-being in Turkey.
2022 Turkey's Best Health Retreats and Resorts for Rest and Relaxation
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Dimensions of health tourism in Turkey

Health tourism in Turkey can be divided into many areas. The most common ones are as follows:
  • Medical and cosmetic, including medical and aesthetic treatments in hospitals, clinics and surgeons
  • Bodily and physical expectations including spas, yoga, massage
  • Escape and relaxation from reality, including beaches, mountains, nature trails
  • Spiritual, including yoga retreats
2022 Turkey's Best Health Retreats and Resorts for Rest and Relaxation
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Turkey’s Best Spa and Wellness Resorts and Resorts

Turkey has many wellness destinations, especially Bodrum, Muğla, Fethiye, Antalya, as well as southwest and south coasts. IstanbulFrom fabulous spa and wellness retreats and resorts with accommodation facilities and holistic wellness programs to luxury resorts and spas where you can relax and enjoy nature for your rejuvenating program. Below you can read a list of our favorite wellness retreats and resorts in Turkey.

Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort – Bodrum

Le Méridien Bodrum Beach Resort is an excellent eco-luxury holistic wellness resort that offers its guests life-changing retreats along with all-inclusive and best wellness and spa programs. Note: To reach Le Méridien Bodrum Beach Resort, you can get a free price quote and 5% discount as a visitor to our site by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. 2022 Turkey's Best Health Retreats and Resorts for Rest and Relaxation

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