20 stunning wedding hairstyles for long hair

20 stunning wedding hairstyles for long hair +2023

It’s almost time: They’ve chosen the most beautiful wedding dress for you, the flower arrangements have been made and you are literally only counting the hours until you can say the magic words “Yes, I do!” can say. But wait a minute, one important thing is missing. The right bridal hairstyle to match the dress. In addition, you have long hair that is not so easy to style. But don’t worry, we’ve rounded up 20 amazing wedding hairstyles for long hair that will inspire you to the tips of your hair.

Bridal hairstyles for long hair

Source: Instagram @hair_by_pustovalova

Big and voluminous updos are very popular for women with long hair because they are pretty to look at and you can let your creativity run free. There are so many other beautiful ideas, such as braided hairstyles that converge in a “V”, a half-updo or combinations of bun and curls – these hairstyles look particularly romantic and playful, especially with strapless dresses.

Click through our gallery of breathtaking wedding hairstyles and get inspiration for your hair appointment!


1/20 side pinned bridal hairstyle with curls

Source: Instagram @lee4you

Nothing looks better than a cascade of curls cascading over your wedding dress. This extraordinary hairstyle is not for an ordinary wedding party and bad dress, but should be presented accordingly. So: Don’t be shy!

2/20 Loose updo for brides

Source: Instagram @elstilespb

Sometimes messy things just look better. This hairstyle actually consists of only three large strands that have been twirled up and pinned up with loose curls at the back. Strands hanging down the face create a romantic look.


3/20 bridal hairstyle with diadem

Source: Instagram @makeupbylindadamayanti

One of the most popular bridal hairstyles for long hair: the princess look in the form of a classic updo adorned with a tiara.

4/20 messy bun with tiara for brides

Source: Instagram @ulyana.aster

A more modern take on the princess look. This wedding hairstyle is not only for long hair, but also for particularly unconventional brides! Here the hair was simply pinned up into a messy bun and decorated with a tiara.


5/20 half updo with braid

Source: Instagram @lee4you

If there is a day when you can be extravagant, then it should be your wedding! This bridal hairstyle is suitable for particularly long hair and, if in doubt, extensions should be avoided. A natural headband made from a plait serves as adornment.

6/20 open wedding hairstyle with pearls

Source: Instagram @braidstudio

Bridal hairstyles for women with long hair should always be adapted to the type of celebration and the wedding dress. This hairstyle is suitable for almost any dress, but should be styled with particularly long hair, or you can help with extensions, as the hair will be shortened by the curls.


6/20 Classic bridal hairstyle with curls

Source: Instagram @art4studio

If your hair doesn’t last long in elaborate hairstyles, you should go for a classy updo like this one. Your hairstylist knows how to pin the hair so tight that it will hold up the next morning, even if in doubt. This hairstyle is also ideal when the weather is particularly warm or, as in this case, you are wearing a tiara with a veil.

7/20 Long teased curls with hair clip

Source: Instagram @tonyastylist


Wedding hairstyles with long hair always create a particularly romantic look, which is why many brides let their hair grow long just before the wedding. For this hairstyle, your stylist will tease the back of your head and use a pillow to add volume to the hair. A glittery hair clip is the perfect accessory for this hairstyle.

8/20 Romantic bridal hairstyle with curls and pearls

Source: Instagram @ulyana.aster

This hairstyle is particularly simple and at the same time so romantic. The balayage style gives the whole thing a modern twist, while the curls gently cascade around the shoulders. This hairstyle works best with large accessories and off-the-shoulder dresses.

9/20 open long waves with hair clip


Source: Instagram @oksana_sergeeva_stylist

This bridal hairstyle is only for the women among us who have long hair in abundance. The soft, voluminous curls give the whole thing a mermaid look.

10/20 Braided Hair Crown with Headband

Source Instagram @sunkissedandmadeup

Inspired by the Renaissance, this bridal look is the ideal bridal hairstyle for women with long hair who don’t want a rigid updo. The hair is braided at the crown of the hair and curls down the shoulders in long waves. A glittering hair band provides additional eye-catchers.


11/20 deep updo with accessories

Source: Instagram @larrissarodrigues

Bridal hairstyles with long hair do not always have to be complicated. A low bun like this, also known as a chignon, is simple and stylish at the same time and suits every wedding dress.

12/20 Braided Wedding Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @annette_updo_artist

This bridal hairstyle looks particularly complicated, but it really isn’t. Ideal if you are looking for an extravagant hairstyle that does not require you to sit for hours.


13/20 Loose braided hairstyle for brides

Source: Instagram @ulyana.aster

Wide and loose braided hairstyles have been in vogue for a long time, but the idea for bridal hairstyles is still new. This look is a mix of a herringbone and a French braid and is given a festive touch by the accessories of pearls and stones.

14/20 wedding hairstyle with big curls

Source: Instagram @hair_by_pustovalova

The more voluminous the hair, the more glamorous the celebration! These large curls are loosely gathered at the back of the head so that the volume can develop optimally. This bridal hairstyle is best suited for women with long, thick hair who have opted for an off the shoulder dress.


15/20 Simple bridal hairstyle with flowers

Source: Instagram @oksana_sergeeva_stylist

Large floral arrangements on and around the head have been seen on social media for quite some time now, which means they are totally in trend. This trend has also prevailed in bridal hairstyles. Long, gentle waves are held together by flowers at the back of the head. Stylish and romantic!

16/20 Classic low bun with veil

Source: Instagram @kellgrace

In your search for the right bridal hairstyle, you may have come to the conclusion that only a simple hairstyle is suitable for you. In fact, long hair wedding hairstyles don’t have to be complicated updos. Here you go best with a chignon, as in the picture above.


17/20 curly herringbone braid for the bride

Source: Instagram @nicoledrege

The longer and thicker your hair, the more extravagant this bridal hairstyle will be.

18/20 side bun with curls and hair clip

Source: Instagram @tiffanyjoydesigns

19/20 open bridal hairstyle with hairband

Source: Instagram @tonyastylist


20/20 side braided braid

Source: Instagram @theconfessionsofahairstylist

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