20 products that are worth

20 products that are worth +2023

The method curly has revolutionized curly hair care in recent years, raising the concept of curls to a higher category. Have you heard of him but still don’t follow him? Then we recommend that you catch up with this summary on the method curly explained very easy and fast and you stock up on Primor the necessary products at the best price.

And it is that getting elastic and defined curls can be expensive, not only because of the usual price of specific cosmetics, but also because of the amount of product required to care for curly hair. That’s why with the prices and brands of the products of the method curly of Primor you will get considerable savings. You will wish you had started sooner!

The 'curly' method explained very easily and quickly

what is the method curly and what is it for?

It is a care ritual for curly hair that is based on respecting the texture of this type of hair using products that provide it with the necessary hydration. without drying it out, or leaving residues that add weight and crush the curl. Thus, all shampoos, conditioners and other hair products that contain ingredients such as aggressive sulfates, silicones, waxes and drying alcoholsmainly.

Substituting traditional care products for others with exceptional moisturizing powers, we will be able to enhance the hydration of the curls so that they remain elastic and definedallowing curly hair to express itself in the most natural way possible.

Curly low cost method: products for your curls for less than 10 euros

How to get started in the method curly girl?

As we have already pointed out, the first step will be to get rid of all those products with harmful ingredients for curls, mainly, sulfates, for their power to dry out the curl. Once you have the right products (you will find a very useful list below), you should start with a first wash with clarifying or drag shampoowhich contains sulfates to remove all heavy debris from the mane and reset it before starting to use the right cosmetics.

Once you begin to follow the steps of the ritual, you will begin to observe the first changes in your curls after approximately three weeks and it will be from three months when you notice the real change in your mane.

The 25 best products for the Curly Method

20 Primor products for the method curly that are worth it

Primor perfumery, well known for its affordable prices, has become one of the reference purchase sites for products to follow the method curly, with a wide variety of cosmetics to pamper and enhance the natural finish of curly hair. Here are 20 examples of products for the method curly in Primor that are worth it. Take note!

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