20 pixie haircuts with which you will always choose your new look well +2023

With shorter or longer layers, there is always a pixie haircut that can suit you. It has been shown that can adapt to all types of faces although I know that it is true that it especially favors women with small, oval faces and marked cheekbones.

What is a pixie haircut?

The pixie haircut is one of the best options to change your look if you have fine hair.

The pixie haircut is one of the best options to change your look if you have fine hair.imaxtree.

The pixie cut is a short haircut that stands out for having a completely clear nape and that, as he assures us, Jose Sanchezsalon stylist Oramai“can vary from a style they won itwith bangs or in its asymmetrical version with studied layers”.

The pixie, a good option for fine hair

In addition to being versatile when it comes to adapting to all types of faces, the pixie is an ideal option if you have little hair or fine hair that breaks and that in the end means never showing off your long hair because it goes very well because hair looks thicker and with more body and volume. But even being a customizable cut by your hairdresser, it is recommended for all types of hair.

How to maintain a pixie haircut

Aura Garrido with a flattering pixie with a wet effect combed to one side.

Aura Garrido with a flattering pixie with a wet effect combed to one side.GTres Online.

The short or pixie haircut tends to deform before long haircuts and therefore, when it comes to maintaining them it is like a male cut: between a month and a month and a half you should go to the hairdresser to touch it up. And the ideal is as it points Carlos Fernandezdirector of training Frank Provost“also support the cut with color to personalize it or play with contrasts to give the look more personality and style for each woman”.

Types of pixie haircuts

Minimal Pixie

One version

A version of the minimal pixie in the Giambattista Valli show this fall winter 2022-2023.imaxtree.

The more mini versions of short hair give rise to cuts like the minimal pixie that are as current as they are surprising. With their simplicity they manage to enhance the face, at the same time that they project our image.


Aitana S's bixie

Aitana Sánchez Gijn’s bixie.GTres Online.

The bixie it’s a haircut hybrid between the bob and the pixie that keeps the length close to the face and is very versatile as well as easy to maintain and ideal if you want to try the pixie style but don’t dare with a more extreme and short look.

Spiky pixie or blunt pixie

The blunt pixie or spiky pixie is a short parade cut that is much more daring and casual that rejuvenates and refreshes the face. ” you get parading the bangs Y combing it in a casual way to emphasize his maverick character”, explains raquel saiz of the Blue room.

mixie cut

The mixie, a mix between the mullet cut and the pixie, is the ideal cut for those who want to experience a change of look but are afraid of jumping into the pool with a pixie. “It is a bob cut but a bit longer on the front, sideburns and nape” he tells us. Veronica Castrosalon director Vanitas Espai. In addition, you can give it a special touch when wearing it by adding texture and raising the frontal area.

cut to the garon

The gar cut

The cut to the garon of Charlene de Monaco.GTres Online.

The cut to the garon It is an even cut throughout the hair compared to other pixies that are longer on the sides or on top. Contrary to what people may think, it is enormously feminine and even more so if it is accompanied by a highly personalized look. It is always a trend and always has and will always have that differentiating touch and enormous personality.

Luminous Color Enhanced Pixie


La Seydoux with a pixie haircut in a light blonde color.GTres Online.

The pixies do not feel the same if we accompany them with a bright and luminous hair tone than if we do not. And in that sense, the experts of Q space they bet on pixie haircuts but reinforced with solid colors but that add a lot of shine to the hair.

Pixie with baby bangs

Pixie with baby bangs.

Pixie with baby bangs.imaxtree.

haircuts with baby bangs very short give a different touch to the hair that is the most cool and trending. Being a daring cut, and not easy to wear, updated is very flattering and very modern and up-to-date.

shaggy pixies

Shaggy pixie.

Shaggy pixie.imaxtree.

A shaggy pixie is a pixie very texturedwith layers and “that keeps the contour of the neck and the bangs longer than in the upper layers to enhance the cut” as he points out Juan Carlos Martinstylist of The Beauty Concept.

buzz cut

Buzz cut or shaved cut.

Buzz cut or shaved cut.imaxtree.

Many celebrities have defended that the haircut shaved hair It can be very feminine and cool. It works well with oval or angular faces: in general, symmetrical features, because it is an uncompromising haircut, in which everything is exposed. It is important to feel very self-confident to stomp with this buzz cut. In addition, it is important to touch it up frequently because they lose their shape.

Side shaved pixie

Scarlett Johansson's shaved side pixie.

Scarlett Johansson’s shaved side pixie.GTres Online.

If you don’t want to completely shave your head or go for a very short cut, you can also try a pixie cut with a side shave. of rocker airs. Certain face shapes are greatly favored.

PIxie with tup

Sharon Stone wears one of the pixie cuts with a tup

Sharon Stone wears one of the most flattering and iconic pixie cuts with a toupee.GTres Online.

The pixie with a toupee is also another version of short hair whose versions fit with the particularities of each one. Because if we wear the pixie with long bangs, it adapts very well to this type of hairstyle and different types of blow-drying.

Wet look pixie

Grace Elizabeth declines her pixie cut from m

Grace Elizabeth declines her pixie cut in multiple ways and one of them is with the wet effect.imaxtree.

The wet look pixies They feel great on all kinds of faces because they are fresh and comfortable also in autumn because they allow you to clear the hair from your face and always go well combed.

Pixie with highlights

Charlize Theron with her streaked pixie.

Charlize Theron with her streaked pixie.GTres Online.

Although the pixie is a short haircut, it will look even better if highlights are done on the front of the head to illuminate and enhance the cut.

bowl cut

Louise de Chevigny with a bowl cut.

Louise de Chevigny with a bowl cut.imaxtree.

To bowl and remembering the pixie that was made Charlize Theron A few years ago, the bowl cut took on that rounded shape and balanced long and oval faces and was usually always worn with straight hair.

Curly Pixie

Audrey Tautou with a curly pixie.

Audrey Tautou with a curly pixie.GTres Online.

If we have curly hair, regardless of our more open or closed curls, we can also bet on the pixie haircut and style it to model our look. We can take it very short or a garon that we comb so that the curls fall on our forehead or to the side. And if we want more volume, then we can let it grow to wear it with a rounded contour in the hair.

asymmetrical pixie

Kim Schell with a pixie asim

Kim Schell with an asymmetrical pixie that has become one of the most desired.imaxtree.

If you want to give your usual short hair another air, bet on letting it grow and giving it an asymmetrical shape that is so flattering and that you can comb to one side or even with hairpins and other accessories.

long pixie

Rebecca Hall in a long pixie with long sideburns.

Rebecca Hall in a long pixie with long sideburns.

The long pixie can be adapted to straight, wavy or curly hair, leaving the sideburns longer and also adds that rocker point and a rebellious gesture before moving on to a more classic haircut.

Pixie with bangs XL

There are also pixies that can be worn with very long bangs to stylize the face and the ideal is to bet on straightening them to give them definition. And as for the sides, the shorter the better.

Pixie with curtain bangs

Pixies admit endless

The pixies admit an endless number of bangs, among others the curtain bangs or curtain or open bangs.imaxtree.

The curtain fringe is very flattering with a pixie haircut because it enhances the features in the same way as if you have long hair and also when it comes to growing, it is easier to maintain.

textured pixie

Textured pixie.

Textured pixie.imaxtree.

Textured pixies are also going strong, especially if you have wavy hair because they take advantage of the movement of your hair and distribute it favoring your features, and if you want it smooth, with a touch of a dryer and your fingers, it will be equally impeccable. .

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