15 layered haircuts that will be fashionable in 2023 and you can already anticipate

15 layered haircuts that will be fashionable in 2023 and you can already anticipate +2023

In addition to being a trend, layered haircuts are a success for your next change of look. They have the power to enhance or soften different facial features. They tend to be shorter close to the face and longer as we move away from it and for this reason, stylists always recommend soft layers without abrupt cuts. In addition, the layers define the way in which a cut adapts to the shape of our face. Round faces go for square layers because round faces lack prominent features and square faces Rounded, short layers around the forehead work best because they have too strong eyes. “The idea is to approximate an oval face and the parades allow us to play with the contours to get closer to it,” recommends congratulations ordssalon stylist Congratulations Hair.

Layers that balance the volume of hair

The layers balance the vol

The layers balance the volumes in thick hair and also enhance movement in fine hair but without going overboard with the cut.Thomas of the Source.

On the other hand, the 2000s are back and in terms of hair trends, also the layers that were used to sculpt volumes and give movement to the long hair. confirms it to us Beatrice GuerreroCEO of Angela Navarro“layered haircuts are recommended for hair with a lot of volume and curly hair and for fine or poor hair, but care must be taken to do them well to gain more sensation of volume because if we go too far with the cut, the hair can remain very poor mane and achieve the opposite effect”.

Trendy layered haircuts in 2023

In addition, we have searched for 15 layered haircuts that will be trending in 2023 that you can ask your hairdresser.

Layered medium length hair with bangs

Kaia Gerber with a layered medium length with bangs.

Kaia Gerber with a layered medium length with bangs.GTres Online.

For hair that does not have a lot of hair density, haircuts for medium length hair with layers and bangs become one of the best options. And it is that the bangs with the layered cut “manage to hide fine hair and give it an extra volume by adding two very flattering trends in the same hair” he assures us Juan Carlos Martinsalon stylist The Beauty Concept Hair.

layered pixie

the haircut i got

Robin Wright’s haircut, a layered pixie, is back in style in 2023.GTres Online.

the layers accentuate the eyes and cheekbonesThat’s why cuts like the pixie are ideal for heart-shaped faces. If we comb it towards one of the sides, we can also hide a voluminous forehead.

Long layered hair for fine hair

Long layered hair for fine hair.

Long layered hair for fine hair.Getty.

If you have short hair, layers add texture and make your fine hair look fuller. And if your hair is fine, there is nothing like betting on long layered haircuts so that a thinner mane does not appear. In cases of long hair and smoothIdeally, choose layered cuts that start from the chin and create waves to add more movement to your hair.

Layered haircut for curly hair

Layers in curly locks like Andie MacDowell's make curls more

Layers on curly hair like Andie MacDowell’s make the curls easier to tame and style.GTres Online.

It may happen that your curly hair does not have the ideal volume and if fighting against the curls is an arduous task, it is possible that we work the hair with layers to make it easier to control them. “Also, the layers and curls go together wonderfully to create density which, after all, is the target weather“says Juan Carlos Martín, stylist at The Beauty Concept Hair salon.

Mullet Haircut with Layers

Kristen Stewart with a layered mullet haircut m

Kristen Stewart with a mullet haircut with shorter layers on top of her hair.GTres Online.

The layered mullet haircut stands out for being a cut with asymmetrical layers, with the front area being the shortest and creating more texture in the front area. Ideal for hair with moderate volume and never excessive. With a more androgynous style, it seeks to amuse without losing functionality.

Layers and bangs for thick hair

Long layered haircuts with bangs for thick hair cannot be done for all types of hair. “The ideal is to bet on them if you have a lot of it because in fine hair, they do not work the same because the hair remains very depopulated” according to Jose Sanchezartistic director Oramai.

Layered Shag Haircut

Jennifer Lopez with a curly shag haircut.

Jennifer Lopez with a curly shag haircut.GTres Online.

Based on short, thin layers, the shag haircut adds shape, volume and movement to the hair, as well as finishing to define the features of the face. It is an ideal cut, especially for curly or wavy hair, since the more disheveled, the better.

Clavicut with invisible layers

Charlotte Casiraghi with a softly layered clavicut.

Charlotte Casiraghi with a softly layered clavicut.GTres Online.

In general, the long hair at the height of the clavicle or clavicut that has an evident rejuvenating effect. But, if in addition to this length you add layers, the hair will gain movement and a lot of personality, being one of the most flattering options of 2023. It is important that the layers are thin and not very marked.

butterfly haircut

The length of the butterfly haircut with long and short layers is perfect for experimenting with lots of hairstyles, and it also opens the door for you to play around and try different hair tools. Also if you are always in a hurry and looking for a look effortlessly make it look amazing.

textured pixie

Lea Seydoux and her layered textured pixie.

Lea Seydoux and her layered textured pixie.GTres Online.

We will also see in 2023, haircuts like the textured pixie, slightly longer at the top and loaded with layers to give movement to the hair. It is a very versatile cut and with many styling possibilities. It can be combed forward, parting it to one side and even gelling it.

curly shag

Curly shag.

Curly shag.imaxtree.

It is a very adaptable cut to practically any type of curly hair. And it is that with him curly shag According to our curls we will adapt the size of the layers to enhance the texture of our hair.

choppy bob

Alexa Chung with a choppy bob.

Alexa Chung with a choppy bob.Getty.

Inspired by the bob haircut, the chop bob either choppy bob It stands out because the length of the hair goes from less to more but in a renewed version. In addition, more layers are added to escape the entire mane and thus adapt it to your natural hair texture.

Wavy shaggy with open bangs

Maribel Green

Maribel Verd with a wavy shaggy cut with open bangs.GTres Online.

The wavy shaggy with open bangs is a cut in which the layers have more prominence and it is very versatile since you can adapt it to your liking, leaving it longer, shorter, with more marked layers… What is essential to wear it are the layers to wear it. that the silhouette of the cut is elongated and rectangular. It is also ideal so that if you wear curls, you can look much more natural.

Wolf Cut or Long Mullet

The mullet offers many varieties to wear it, and this in 2023, we will see layered haircuts like the wolf cut or the long mullet. This cut, which is a clear nod to the 90s, has indefinite lines, the textured hair and ultra disheveled, something that gives more volume to the hair. What characterizes it the most is the bangs, since you can take it both shorter and longer and more closed or more open.

blunt chop cut

Kirsten Dunst with a blunt chop.

Kirsten Dunst with a blunt chop.GTres Online.

This is an undefined carr haircut, a shaggy with moving layers. In this cut, the front area has more definition, the nape is exposed and highlights the jaw. It is a casual, youthful and very comfortable look to wear daily. You can play with different textures, from combing it with a messy effect, to leaving it extra smooth.

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