15 elegant and original Christmas centerpieces (to buy or make by hand) +2023

Do you already have the tablecloths, crockery and details to decorate the Christmas table? if you’re looking for Christmas centerpieces, this is your article. It is clear that they are the ideal complement to give that festive and Christmas touch to the upcoming celebrations. It can be solemn, traditional, fun, or very much in tune with nature.

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The really important thing when choosing Christmas centerpieces is to have take into account the dimensions of the table. No matter how beautiful it is, if it is not going to look good it is better that you do not buy it. Both a center that is too large or one that is too small can tarnish that decoration that you have prepared with such enthusiasm. Find the ratio.

In the same way, dispense with everything that may interfere when it comes to strike up conversations. For example, we love poinsettias as Christmas presents or decorative detail, but if they are very tall and bulky, they will be a nuisance more than anything else. In the case of having candles, in addition to being prudent when lighting them, make sure that they do not give off any aroma that could interfere with the savoring of lunch or dinner.

How to buy a Christmas centerpiece

Going shopping at this time is a real temptation. Decoration stores are full of ideal objects, including a lot of Christmas centerpieces that make it difficult to choose just one.

  • The first thing you have to be clear about is the style of your table: elegant, minimalist, rustic or traditional, among others. It is about seeking a balance with elements that stand out, but at the same time give off harmony when it comes to surprising with your christmas recipes to the diners.
  • The color range is also important in Christmas decoration from your table. As it happens with the decorations of your Christmas treetry to move between two or three shades: one as a base, another secondary and a third as an accent color.
  • Haven’t you decided yet? what tablecloth are you going to put If the tablecloth is dark, try to give it light with a center that has large candles in light tones, and bright elements such as Christmas ornaments golden or with some brilli brilli. If it is clear, the traditional centers based on green and red will take center stage.
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How to make a Christmas centerpiece

Have you decided to throw the blanket over your head and make your own center? You have it very easy! In addition to being very simple and cheap, it is tremendously grateful. In reality, with very little you can achieve a beautiful and special result.

  • if your table is roundyou will have it very easy by grouping different elements in a nice tray, preferably square, which will allow you to easily remove it if at any given moment it becomes annoying or you need more space.
  • For long tables You can extend artificial fir branches and place candles, pine cones, mistletoe or Christmas decorations on them. Depending on its length, you can also put one or more rounded centers.
  • The candles On glass supports they are elegant and do not impede the passage of light, thus providing visual amplitude. You can also place them in chandeliers or candlesticks, putting fir branches or pine cones on the foot.
  • The wood slices They also make a good base for Christmas centerpieces. You can recreate a typical landscape of these holidays by putting moss, little pine trees of different sizes, little houses, fawn or reindeer figurines, string lights and artificial snow.
  • Ideally, you should combine two or three items, no more. You won’t have any trouble finding miniature pine cones, holly, and the like, but try to keep in mind that less is more.
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Below we show you several ideas of Christmas centerpieces so that you can choose the one that you like the most.

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