101 Best Traditional Panther Head Tattoo That Will Blow Your Mind!+2023

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Do you think a panther is your spirit animal? Illustrate your personality trait with a traditional panther head tattoo, and let the ink express your personality!

Traditional Panther Head Tattoo
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Panther head tattoos reflect deep symbolism related to beauty, grace, protection, and bravery, connected to their own persona.

Exploring traditional panther tattoo ideas will most probably lead you to panther head tattoos, which constitute a significant part of traditional tattoo designs due to their majestic build. Panthers are fierce, agile, and contain all the qualities human aims to acquire through life.

From being significantly infamous for their predatory nature to symbolizing symbols of Christ in the Medieval period, these big cats have always had powerful imagery among humans due to their eccentric characteristics. Their rich history and fierce nature have led them to become one of the leading faces of traditional panther tattoos. The threatening predator not only comprises eccentric characteristics but also owns a graceful stride and a beautiful deep place color, adding to its mysterious aura.

The eye-catching aesthetics of the black panther enabled many tattoo lovers to explore it through ink, fueling its popularity among tattoo lovers. Panther’s assimilation in tattoos supposedly set off in the 1940s, courtesy of artist William Grimshaw. Traditional panther tattoos slowly gained interest and rose to popularity by the 60s. Surprisingly, the traditional panther tattoo also had its affiliation to the Civil Rights Movement, Black Panthers.

Such rich history and frequent usage make panther tattoos meaning exceptional to have on your skin, so dive into our detailed list of traditional panther and panther head tattoos to explore the beauty of black in all forms!

Fiery Panther Head Tattoo Traditional

Fiery Panther Head Tattoo Traditionals
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The illustrated piece is excellent for depicting a panther’s predatory rage through fire. The traditional panther tattoo here uses exceptionally bright colors to exhibit the intensity of flames through vibrancy, while the emerging panther from the flames adds to the effect making the panther tattoo design threatening.

Only the panther’s face and claws are visible in the artwork, but the elaborate flames seemingly create an effect that implies either the tiger is trying to break through the confines or directly charging toward its prey. With its expansive structure, the tattoo design is perfect for adorning your arm as a tattoo sleeve, so go ahead and add it to your tattoo bucket list!

Crying Heart Black Traditional Panther Tattoos

Crying Heart Black Traditional Panther Tattoos
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Weeping heart tattoos are consistently asked by clients, used as a symbol to depict grief or any sad event. However, weeping tattoos are often solely obtained for their designs and carry no deep meaning. The weeping heart traditional tattoo above is one of them. Besides, the widely used design features a black panther head in the tattoo instead of the usual weeping heart to add a twist to the artwork.

The tattoo artist has followed the traditional panther tattoo style to maintain its authentic, old-school charm using bold, black outlines and deep solid colors within the artwork. Panther tattoos like these are hard to find, so make sure to add a bookmark to this.

Classic Hand Panther Head Traditional Tattoo Design

Classic Hand Panther Head Traditional Tattoo Design
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Hand and knuckle tattoos are the first ones any person notices on your body. Make sure you make it worth their while with excellent traditional panther tattoos. The tattoo above is a great example of a hand tattoo. The panther tattoo follows the traditional tattoo style and uses relevant colors to create a threatening aura of the big cat. The eye color, dripping blood, and black shade to depict a shiny coat are all classic components of traditional American-style tattoos.

The knuckles further follow a similar pattern and color palette to create a matching quote on skin that says ‘Dead’. The matching traditional panther tattoo and quote pair on the back of your hand can obtain many compliments!

Floral Camouflage Traditional Crawling Panther Tattoo Designs

Floral Camouflage Traditional Crawling Panther Tattoo Designs
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Big cats are known for their predatory skills with agile bodies and sharp claws. Another feature that helps them hunt their prey down is their all-black appearance. The night-like dark coat helps them camouflage in the deep jungle and attack the prey on a whim. The tattoo above takes inspiration from the same phenomena and uses the most iconic crawling panther poses to recreate a beautiful floral arrangement of traditional panther tattoo!

The tattoo artist has used flowers and leaves to make intricate patterns on the body, which is often the case in the jungle when the panther tries to hide from the prey. Illustrated panther covered in floral patterns makes it close to nature, making the tattoo a beautiful dedication to lush forests!

Traditional Tattoo Panther Head Tattoo With Wave

Traditional Tattoo Panther Head Tattoo With Wave
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Seeking inspiration from Hosukai’s Great Wave Off Kanagawa, the tattoo illustrates a panther head emerging from a giant wave. A fresh twist to the panther head tattoo, the illustration uses traditional tattoo style to keep the artwork maintain its old-school charm and vibrancy. Panther head tattoos usually get monotonous with repetitive designs, though this artwork uses great inspiration pieces to create a freshly build piece of its own.

The tattoo easily expresses a sense of threat from the dangerous expressions on the panther, while surrounded waves refer to its courage in moving ahead without resistance. You can get this black panther tattoo on your arm, nape, or shoulder.

Ghost-Style American Traditional Panther Head Tattoo

Ghost-Style American Traditional Panther Head Tattoo
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White panthers are a rarity to witness, both in real life and in the tattoo world; therefore, we have included this white, ghost-style panther head tattoo design to depict a different type of panther tattoo. With the elaborate headgear and colors, the panther tattoo closely resembles a Chinese festival dragon as well, serving different looks in one illustration.

Such tattoo styles hold cultural significance and symbolism and must be incorporated after thorough research on the relevant topic. Big and beautiful panther head tattoo designs like these are best suited for wide spaces like shoulders or thighs.

Unique Chrysanthemum Black Panther Tattoo Design

Unique Chrysanthemum Black Panther Tattoo Design
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Have you ever seen a panther head tattoo as unique as this? Neither we have, but this ambitious tattoo seems to play with floral anatomy and the panther head to create a unique and incredible floral black panther tattoo. The black panther head tattoo is combined with a chrysanthemum flower to create a neat illustration that appears to be both a flower and a panther.

The illustration of each chrysanthemum strand is done intricately with dual tones to signify the presence of a flower through reds and a black panther face through the black outer side of the flower petals.

Flesh-Tearing Panther Tattoo Design

Flesh-Tearing Panther Tattoo Design
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Combining animated and realistic styles together, the panther head tattoo creates a visual illusion of the panther ripping off the skin it is illustrated on to break out of it. The aggressive piece shows the panther’s power with ruthlessly ripped skin while keeping the entire tattoo traditionally authentic using bold outlines and dark, vibrant colors.

Such traditional tattoos are a great option for anyone willing to explore the panther’s fun and realistically animated tattoo designs, maintaining their most dominant feature- fierceness. Keep hold of this tattoo design to find something similar and relevant to your taste.

Japanese Style Dragon Traditional Panther Tattoo Design

Japanese Style Dragon Traditional Panther Tattoo Designs
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Japanese style tattoos are pretty common and popular among the masses for their intricate details and vibrant colors. The illustrated Japanese tattoo above uses the classic crawling panther pose with dragon-like features, expressing the fiery aggression of the panther spitting flames.

The vibrant ink does justice to the Japanese style tattoo using different hues and shades, from the flame color to the shades applied on the black panther’s skin. This beautiful illustration is a must-have in your tattoo collection, so make sure to reap inspiration for your own ink.

Forearm Pink Panther Tattoo Design

Forearm Pink Panther Tattoo Design
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Who says panther tattoos are only meant to express power, courage, or other fierce traits in the world? Some can even star a charming pink panther, with a door wide open in its heart for affection, just like the one illustrated above. The childhood favorite character Pink Panther also makes a wonderful tattoo for people looking to get a character designed to get inked. The illustration is a fun take on panther tattoos, different from the usually served, stern designs. People going for a fun panther design to get inked can effortlessly surf through the internet, find their favorite Pink Panther image, and get it done on their skin.

Black panther tattoos are a significant part of the tattoo world and will continue to be with fresh creative takes on its structure and build. Just as our list of panther tattoos presents panther in many different ways, you can find your own fresh panther tattoo design to define yourself!

Here are some other panther tattoos to inspire your next inking session. Go through these tattoos to find the ones perfect for your personal piece!

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What does a traditional panther head tattoo mean?

A traditional panther head tattoo is a symbol of power, strength, and courage. It can also be used to represent the ability to overcome obstacles and protect those close to you. Panther tattoos are often associated with ancient warrior cultures and have been used to mark bravery in battle or honor fallen comrades. The panther is also seen as a guardian spirit, protecting its bearer from harm. Panther tattoos are a reminder to stay strong and never back down in the face of adversity.

What are the different styles of panther head tattoos?

There are many different styles of panther head tattoos, including traditional, neo-traditional, American traditional, and realistic. Each style has its own unique look and can be tailored to meet the individual’s needs. Traditional panther head tattoos often feature bold lines and bright colors while neo-traditional versions may use softer pastel shades or intricate patterns. American traditional panthers feature a distinct style of bright colors, while realistic tattoos offer highly detailed renderings that look incredibly lifelike. No matter what style you choose, a panther head tattoo is sure to make a statement.

How do I choose a panther head tattoo design?

When choosing a panther head tattoo design, it’s important to consider the meaning behind it and how it will look on your body. Think about where you want to place it and the size of the design. It’s also important to choose a reputable artist who can create the perfect design for you. Once you have decided on a design, it’s time to make an appointment with your tattoo artist and get ready for your new ink.

Where should I get a panther head tattoo?

When deciding where to place a panther head tattoo, it’s important to think about the size of the design. Smaller designs look great on the wrist, neck, ankle or inner arm while larger designs may be better suited for the back or chest area. Ultimately, the placement of your panther head tattoo should be determined by what works best for your body and lifestyle.

How much will a panther head tattoo cost?

The cost of a panther head tattoo will vary depending on the size and complexity of the design, as well as where you get it done. It’s important to do your research and find an experienced tattoo artist who can provide quality work at a reasonable price. Most professional tattoos range from $100-$500, but larger designs may cost more. It’s always a good idea to ask your artist for an estimate before getting inked.

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