101 Best Flower and Clock Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind +2023

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Confused about which flower and clock tattoo to get? Your dilemma ends here! We brought you these Best flower and clock tattoo ideas to choose from.

Flower and clock tattoo
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Clock tattoo designs have always been a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts due to their symbolic analogies.

A clock tattoo design represents the passage of time and is a reminder of our limited nature. Apart from that, it can also be a symbol for several other reasons like capturing special events, remembering important dates to symbolize everlasting and never ending love for someone.

Clock tattoo styles come in many different types of shapes, colors and sizes so you can get an ink design that gives meaning to your way of thinking. You can customize to have a large work of art or a minimalistic simple tattoo without changing its symbolism.

To clear up your confusion, we’ve compiled a list of some incredibly meaningful clock tattoos to help you decide!

Skull Clock Tattoo

Skull Clock Tattoo
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Start our list with a gorgeous skull and flower with a clock tattoo design.

Skull designs are capable of conveying a deep, meaningful story on their own, but when paired with a clock and a flower, it becomes a match made in heaven. These three different elements seem to complement each other very well.

Both the skull and the clock represent the realities of one’s life. Skull designs convey that no matter what, at the end of the day we must leave this body and mind. At the same time, watch designs remind us of something similar, namely that we should enjoy our lives in every moment.

Together, a flower merged with a skull and crossbones clock represents mortality tracked through time.

Speaking of this design, it has a skull in a resting position with a butterfly on it, and below is a clock stopped at 4:30 am. Although there is no flower in this design, it would be great if you could add some roses or other flowers of your choice here.

For many people, this design can look very somber and dark. To tone down this feeling, consider adding color to the rose and butterfly.

Rose and clock tattoo

Rose and clock tattoo
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Rose is one of the most popular tattoo designs, and with good reason. There are so many meanings associated with this flower that one can choose a rose tattoo that accurately represents their emotions and feelings.

A classic red rose paired with a watch represents endless love, while a white rose conveys feelings of peace and hope.

Here, however, the rose design follows a simple and classic black and gray tone. The clock is positioned between three roses.

In addition, there are some unique touches such as spearhead shapes at the top and date rolls at the bottom.

Overall, this dark monochromatic tattoo design looks more like a sketch while portraying a serious tone. If you don’t like lively tattoo ideas, this is great for you.

Sunflower Pocket Watch Tattoo

Sunflower Pocket Watch Tattoo
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This pocket watch design represents life at its best.

Using a stopwatch instead of a regular watch was clever in that it serves as an example that time is limited, so you should spend it doing what matters most, ie spending time with your loved one.

In addition to the realistic style, the clock tattoo includes a sunflower that represents longevity and good luck. Although it follows a black and gray theme, these warm elements alone create a positive vibe in your design.

Aside from that, you can still add colors to this design to make it look more vibrant and cheerful.

Broken clock tattoo

Broken clock tattoo
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Broken clock tattoos are her type of tattoo designs. They have multiple meanings depending on how you want to interpret them.

On the one hand, a broken clock symbol represents your belief in living in the present moment and making the most of your day, while on the other hand, it can also signify the importance of a memory that brought about a significant change in one’s life.

Again, the design features a date, as well as the hands of the watch stopping at 11:05.

The broken watch is also paired with a bouquet of anemone flowers, commonly associated with fragility and protection.

You can choose other design elements like a name or a quote to give it more meaning.

eye clock tattoo

eye clock tattoo
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A combination of eyes embedded in a clock might seem like a very unpopular tattoo design, but that’s what makes it stand out.

While the clock highlights the passing of time between life and death, the eye can represent many things.

For example, it can represent your attitude at the time as a concept, or it can represent something more on the spiritual side, like someone like a guardian angel watching over you as you live your life.

In this design, the artist chose the eye as the focal point for the creation of the watch. Also, the clock does not have a circular outline; It’s the Roman numerals in a circular format that give it a dark and graphic look.

Some changes you can make are: First, you can enhance the beauty of this design by experimenting with different colors like blue or yellow for the pupil.

And second, you could remove the floral aspect entirely if you want a cleaner look.

3D melting clock tattoo

3D melting clock tattoo
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The melting clock tattoo design is inspired by Salvador Dali’s paintings.

Dali had the vision that saw what others did not see. Melting clocks were originally featured in Dali’s persistence of memory paintingmade primarily to represent Einstein’s remarkable discovery of space and time.

Coming to this tattoo design, if we had to describe it in one word it would be ‘Surreal’. Here the artist has combined transparent lilies with a melting clock. Lilies are a symbol of purity and innocence.

Instead of drawing two separate tattoos, the clock has been connected to the lilies, creating one flowing tattoo.

Getting these melting clock designs would be a great choice for someone who likes Dali’s art or is looking for a unique design to get on your skin.

Owl clock tattoos

Owl clock tattoos
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Out of the relative multitude of possible tattoo ideas out there, animal tattoos have always been a popular choice. Owl tattoos are no different.

From the beginning, owls have been associated with multiple meanings. In some cultures and mythologies they are respected, revered and seen as insightful, while in others they are considered stupid and portend bad omens.

One of the main reasons why the idea of ​​combining an owl and a clock is great is that owls are also believed to be wise, which brings a deeper meaning to this design. Essentially, this tattoo projects that a person who understands the limitations of time can achieve a fulfilling life between birth and death.

In this tattoo idea, a lot of detail has been put into the symmetry of the bird, which adds to its intimidating shape. The owl flaps its majestic wings while holding the watch with its legs.

In addition, two roses protrude on either side of the watch, giving it a floral touch.

Heart shaped clock tattoo

Heart shaped clock tattoo
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Similar to other heart tattoos, this clock tattoo in the shape of a heart symbolizes everlasting love.

This heart clock tattoo can be a great personalized gift for your loved ones, with the hands of the clock meaning the importance of time spent with them or a memorable date like first meeting, wedding anniversary, etc.

The tattoo is further combined with blue peonies placed at the top and bottom of the clock. Peonies are a symbol of health, wealth and good luck. They are a great and unique alternative to your usual rose designs.

If you are a sucker for an arm or a full sleeve tattoo, this would be a perfect choice.

Simplified flower clock tattoos

Simplified flower clock tattoos
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If you are looking for minimalistic yet meaningful tattoo designs, get this one!

Unlike all of the other designs mentioned in this list, this requires little to no effort. The design begins with a single brush stroke that gives structure to the clock and morphs into a flower that comes full circle and completes the design.

You can also add different elements like Roman numerals or color the leaves green to make it look lively when worn.

Lily Hourglass Tattoo

Lily Hourglass Tattoo
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Looking for an out-of-the-box clock tattoo? Then consider getting an hourglass tattoo inked!

Hourglasses are also used as clocks and symbolize similar meanings, e.g. B. the passage of time that leads to death, or how quickly time passes without realizing it.

This arm tattoo combined with a lily brings a whole new meaning to this tattoo design. Here the hourglass shows that you shouldn’t stop living life just because death and change are inevitable.

To emphasize it further, in Greek culture, lily is associated with divinity and rebirth. This clock tattoo needs space; Therefore, it is best suited as a shoulder tattoo.

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