101 Best Aries Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe! +2023

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Are you looking for amazing aries tattoo ideas? Your wish is granted. Dive in to find great inspiration.

Aries Tattoo
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Having a ram tattoo is like having an animal tattoo masterpiece – unique and artistic.

There are so many ram tattoo variations where ram tattoo designs have been created with multiple techniques, different tattoo meanings and so on. Be it a ram skull tattoo or a bighorn sheep these tattoo designs will turn your spirit blue.

A ram tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos among men. The artist tries to recreate the male bighorn sheep and the female bighorn sheep. People are usually intimidated by the ram skull as it is an aries aries tattoo. This Aries tattoo is such a popular theme among zodiac devotees. The Aries symbol symbolizes not only power but also leadership and determination.

Aries tattoos usually focus on the skull and long curved horns rather than the whole body like long fur, cloven hooves and 5-6 feet tall etc. Most ram tattoos are made in huge sizes and even those small ones are not very small . It’s quite a challenge for the tattoo artist to make a realistic replica and that’s what brings the fun to it.

The ram head tattoo, ram horn tattoo, tribal ram tattoo, dodge ram tattoo etc are all the different designs requested by the customers. Aries are often confused with goats and sheep. However, they are different. This is quite evident in the tattoo itself, so let’s look at the various popular options and find the perfect tattoo for you.

The Alpha Ram tattoo

The Alpha Ram tattoo
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This Aries tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos of all time. It is very visually appealing and also a large tattoo. It can be repositioned at any location. The tattoo itself is a very detailed depiction of Aries with the Aries constellation on the forehead.

The one thing that is more noticeable about this is that the long curved horns are very significant. If you look closely you will notice that the tattoo is slightly shaded from the inside to give it a bit more edginess and a bit more depth. What gives this tattoo more. An expressive look is the writing that is framed over it.

There is an ancient mythological script written on the tattoo giving it more of a Greek mythological look. Although it is a simple but very complicated tattoo as it has a lot of details and the linings have to be perfect. We recommend you to go for this tattoo as it is the most classic of all time.

The Side Eye Abstract Ram Tattoo

The Side Eye Abstract Ram Tattoo
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This ram skull tattoo screams power. leadership and strength. Not only is it very intimidating, but the sideways glance makes it more unique and sets it apart from other ram tattoos. The colors used in the first two are very simple namely black and gray which gives it a more classic vibe but the details of this tattoo are very different from the others.

The tattoo is made in several shaded forms. The tattoo artist has used straight line method, zigzag method, dark shading method, light shading method, spiral method, etc., which makes the details of this tattoo more lifelike. The entire skull aries tattoo is surrounded by a black out of proportion line giving it a magical and more imaginative aura.

The Mandala Ram Tattoo sleeve

The Mandala Ram Tattoo sleeve
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This skull tattoo is a very different but very special one. It’s not just a simple ram skull but also surrounded by a lot of art and creativity. At the top of the tattoo is what we call the famous mandala designs and in the center we have the skull of the ram and at the bottom we have roses with petals and thorns.

It is difficult for a naked eye to identify this as a ram skull tattoo but it will take a very keen eye to appreciate. Many complex ink styles also bring out many textures. Dark black ink is used for the outline of the whole tattoo and then shaded with a lighter shade of black and the dot ink style has also been used to give it more depth.

The positioning of this tattoo gives it more beauty. This tattoo was done on a full sleeve giving the artist a good place to work and for the tattoo to be displayed well and appreciated.

The floral skull ram tattoo

The floral skull ram tattoo
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A ram skull tattoo done in a very artistic style where the focus is only on the skull. Flowers and leaves are projected in this tattoo giving it a very grounded, oriented look. There are different depths of darkness in the tattoo.

In some places the ink has been used in a very dark shade and in some places it has been heavily toned down. This was also used in the dot ink style. It is not just a simple animal tattoo or just a Greek mythological tattoo but in this tattoo itself it is more feminine and nature related.

The Illuminati Aries Tattoo

The Illuminati Aries Tattoo
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We all know how the Illuminati supposedly rule the world. While many don’t believe in such conspiracy theories, there’s no denying that the Illuminati can make a great tattoo. Add an Aries to this and you can get a masterpiece where the Aries almost boasts a third eye. The use of the ram skeleton texture makes this tattoo even better. The heavy shading and prominent use of thick lines make this tattoo stand out and make it a true masterpiece. You can either interpret this tattoo as the Illuminati sucking the life form out of Aries or you can view the Illuminati as giving life to Aries and thus the first sense of a formation takes place. Whatever the interpretation, this ram tattoo is truly magnificent.

Aries third eye tattoo

Aries third eye tattoo
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One of the most unique designs for a ram tattoo. This Aries tattoo shows spirituality and strength. The center of the tattoo is made into an eye.

This eye in the center immediately draws the attention of the entire tattoo and gives it a nice element of mystery. The shades of the eye are quite dark and most of the part is filled with a solid black color.

The next level of detail concerns the large round horns. They are filled with lines that give them a shaded effect, but the tattoo artist intricately drew each line.

The final part, the main skull, has been beautifully executed. There are different shades both light and dark used in this part of the ram tattoo. Overall a very dark and large sized tattoo; However, the concept of strength and power has been beautifully portrayed in this Aries tattoo.

The Trio of Ram

The Trio of Ram
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One of our most popular and intricate tattoo designs. This tattoo is great art. There are three animals in this tattoo. There is a dinosaur on the left. On the right is the ram and below is a bear. These animals were not only painstakingly traced, but colors were also used.

Instead of coloring the animals, the tattoo artist used colors to fill in the background area. The faces of each animal have been finely detailed which is the main focus of this tattoo.

The use of classic black ink for the animals and then a color change in the background makes this tattoo very interesting. This tattoo takes up a lot of space on the body, so it is advisable to do this tattoo on the front or back of the torso and not on the hands and legs. A must for everyone.

The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye
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This ram tattoo here is quite different as it appears as a mystical tattoo. In this tattoo, the skull of the ram has been depicted as a deity with an eye in the center. The look of this tattoo is rather fanciful and it is one of the most tattoos that we have listed in this entire article.

People tend to be more attracted to darker tattoos than colorful or lightly shaded tattoos, so this is a good choice for you. This tattoo is more spiritual and the inspiration behind the statue is the world of theology where everything has a specific meaning. However, here in this tattoo this has been done to create a new artistic approach to a simple old classic black tattoo.

The Dark Skull

The Dark Skull
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Well if you are asking for a black tattoo then blackwork is a great choice. This tattoo is special for black lovers.

The dark shades in the tattoo make the creature appear more detailed yet alive. The face in the tattoo has been shaded with wads of thick black ink and even the details that you can’t point out are actually all shaded in shades of black.

People tend to get this tattoo to make a statement hence the placement of this tattoo on the most visible parts of the body. A tattoo worth trying.

The Red Horns

The Red Horns
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This male bighorn sheep has a very artistic approach. Not only is it a simple classic black ram skull tattoo but the long round horns of the ram have been chosen to be colored red to illustrate its appearance. This tattoo is a classic but it makes a big statement.

The color inside the horns immediately catches the eye and the red color represents the power and strength that the ram is known for. It is one of our favorite ram skull tattoo designs so we hope you like it too.

Some other possible ram tattoo designs for you are as follows:

  1. The Geometric Aries
  2. 3D Aries Tattoo
  3. bison tattoo
  4. Ram’s body tattoo
  5. Rib Cage Ram Tattoo

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