10 Zara dress pants to wear with all your sweaters and blouses in winter

10 Zara dress pants to wear with all your sweaters and blouses in winter +2023

The autumn-winter season 2022/2023 It has brought with it many trends rescued from the 90s and 2000s that have caused a sensation. And although the pace of trends does not slow down, in fact it works faster and faster, we have the option of looking for local artisans who will get society to look at them and their work.

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Once the new trends have been approved, it is time to continue betting on basic garments that never fail. They never stop being fashionable and take advantage of any occasion to create one of your fetish looks. What are we talking about? Of the culotte pantssome that leave the foot and ankle exposed, are usually high-waisted and have a straight or wide cut.

This type of pants usually favors all types of women (tall, short, more or less thick) and it is one of these basic wardrobe items that can work for day-to-day events and also for other special ones with the family or as a couple. . You probably already have a good collection of pullovers those you don’t get the most out of. Playing games against the neighborhood men’s team can be very interesting.

Zara culottes

We go shopping at Zara to find the most interesting, beautiful culotte pants and the colors that will allow you the most combinations. Yes, we have included some Viva Magenta culottes that everyone has been talking about since Pantone designated it as the color of 2023.

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