10 women’s haircuts that will be in fashion in 2023 and you can already ask your hairdresser +2023

If you are considering a change of look, we bring you the haircuts that will be trending in 2023. It is imposed from the mullet that we have already begun to see in many celebritiesuntil the clavicutgoing through the oversized long hair with bangsthe super flatterers bottelneck bangs and the side parting cuts inspired by the 2000s. We present you the star cuts for 2023, from the most daring to the most classic so that you can choose the one that best suits your personality.


There is no middle ground. The trend in haircuts for 2023 points to very short shorts -like the style mullet– to those that reach the chin or clavicle, and from there we jump to the maxi manesalmost completely forgetting the medium length unless you want to bet on a frame cut or contouring of your face like the one we usually see Jennifer Aniston.


Due to its versatility, elegance and how it styles, the clavicut that we have seen so much in recent years continues to prevail. It is a very straight cut that ends at the level of the clavicle, and in which you only have to choose the color, if you prefer it with or without highlights -although some styles balayagu├ę they will give you a greater sensation of volume- or with a more wavy or smooth finish. We have seen it since queen letizia up to Ana de Armas.

Boyfriend bob, a haircut to ask your hairdresser in 2023

Among the different declensions of bob haircutthe boyfriend bob It is one of the most versatile and easy to wear. We have seen it in 2022 and it will continue to be a pure trend in 2023. It consists of a very short hair that imitates male cuts and adapts to each face. You can customize it: with or without bangs, jaw-length or shorter, straight or wavy, and with a side or middle parting.

Boyfriend bob, a bob cut to be

Boyfriend bob, a bob cut that will be a trend in 2023.GTres Online.


The lovers of the long hair will continue to enjoy the so-called curtain bangsthose long open bangs to the sides in the purest style Brigitte Bardot from the 70s and 80s. It is not exclusive to long cuts, but it is true that it is where we see it the most.


An extension of the previous style. The cut bottleneck bangs consists of cutting layers on both sides of the head in the style curtain bangs, not just limiting it to bangs. It is an ideal cut for those who have very fine hair and clamor for a little more volume. With this style we have recently seen the actress margot robbie.


One of the cuts that is most strongly imposed among the most risky. The court mulletthe iconic look of rsula corber who had a reputation for being the most apparently scruffy and outsider in the 90s and 2000s, now moves to the most sophisticated personalities. Fantastic as an excuse to clean your hair.

Ursula Corber with the mullet haircut that we will wear again in 2023.@ivangomez


A elegant and sensual cut For lovers of short and medium hair. The frame cut It consists of highlighting the front part to frame the face and leave the back of the head very straight. It is perfect if you want to offset your features, soften them or make your face appear more oval. From there, the color and highlights you want.

OVERSIZED HAIR WITH BANGS like Sara Carbonero or Blanca Surez

A retro style brought to 2023 and we have loved it. It is a tawny hair with a few layers to gain volume and bangs that can be longer and open -like Sara Carbonero’s- or tapered like Blanca Surez’s.


Another classic for the less risky but that has not lost an iota of relevance. It is the traditional french mane either french bob that reaches the height of the chin in its front part and up to the neck in the back part. With the side stripe It’s a clear trend.


A super flattering cut for those who want long hair with movement. The middle shag It is perfect for very fine hair that needs volume and for those who do not have much time. His casual style also makes him a very rejuvenating bet.


Another haircut for the most daring is this wolf cutsimilar to mullet but with the particularity that the volume is focused on the upper part of the head while the nape is left quite clear. we have seen it billie eilish in a bleached version in a color close to platinum blonde.

OVAL PIXIE, the haircut that will be a trend in 2023

Another of the haircuts that we will continue to see in 2023 is the pixies oval, long bangs that exceed the eyebrows and a very short nape. We have seen the actress with this cut Michelle Jenner and it looks fantastic on his bet in black.


An intermediate term between the tawny hair and the Sandy cut from Grease is this cut that rejuvenates, gives a lot of movement to the hair and looks perfect both with loose hair and collected in a bun. we have seen it Melanie Griffith with blonde streaks (and her daughter dakota johnson also carries it).

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