10 tricks to dress very comfortable and elegant in winter

10 tricks to dress very comfortable and elegant in winter +2023

We have already told you the best tricks to dress well when it rains and today we want to share with you 10 tips to dress comfortably and elegantly in winter, expert advice that will serve as a reference for choosing the right garments at this time of year and will also guide you when combining them. Keep reading!

10 boho winter dresses from Sfera perfect to wear with socks and boots

10 tricks to dress comfortably and elegantly in winter

  1. Bet on wardrobe basics. Sweaters, coats, corduroy pants…

  2. Combine trendy garments with timeless pieces. The perfect mix between being comfortable and the latest.

  3. Use prints that do not go out of style. The animal print, the squares, the polka dots…

  4. Total black never fails. In addition, it stylizes the silhouette.

  5. Invest in off-road and quality parts. Boots, pleated pants…

  6. Versatile and easy-to-combine garments will solve any look. Some jeans, a striped sweater and some black ankle boots, you don’t need much more!

  7. A pleated skirt will be your best ally. If you are not much of wearing pants, this is for you!

  8. Classic and masculine coats will be a sure hit. They are elegance in its purest form.

  9. For day to day, sports shoes. The most comfortable footwear and also the most modern.

  10. A knit dress to elevate any look. Warm, tasty and elegant.

In the gallery you will find 10 looks that are the clear example of how to put each of these fashion tricks into practice. Discover them!

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