10 easy, original and delicious meat recipes for Christmas +2023

When you are clear, you are clear. If after the appetizers or the Christmas first coursesare you thinking of serving a second meat in your Christmas celebrations menu, this is your article. As is the case with the fish recipes for christmasmeat also gives you a lot of play, both due to the enormous variety (highlighting pork, lamb and beef), as well as admitting different ways of cooking, being in the oven one of the favorites at these parties. Of course, for it to be very rich you have to respect the cooking times, since each type of meat has its own.

In addition, it combines with many foods. You can accompany it with the classic baker potatoes or paprika mashed potatoes. It is also great with vegetables such as mushrooms, peppers or caramelized onions with which you can prepare delicious Christmas canapes. To give it a special touch, you can add some fruit as is the case of the duck magret with grapes or the baked chicken with apple. And of course, there is no shortage of more elaborate sauces based on wines or nuts.

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What meat is eaten at Christmas?

In addition to pork, beef and lamb that we mentioned above, birds occupy a privileged place in Christmas gastronomy. In fact, roast and stuffed turkey tops the rankings for the most typical of these parties. Roasted chicken in red wine, baked stuffed capon, duck magret or cognac picantones are other very interesting options.

15 Christmas recipes that you can prepare the day before

Do you want to succeed with your meat recipes for Christmas? The best thing is that plan ahead. This way you’ll make sure you have all the ingredients when you start cooking the dishes. Also, if you are interested save this christmas, make the purchase before prices start to rise (even more). Choose side dishes that are in season or that are within your budget.

Below you will find various and varied meat recipes for Christmas with a common denominator: they are delicious! We also include two appetizers in case you are interested in this option.

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