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The Christmas dates are approaching. It’s time to make plans, organize family lunches and dinners and think about the menu! Are you innovating or do you prefer to be faithful to your recipes? on this occasion We propose you second Christmas dishes, quite affordable but with a lot of flavor and well thought out for these dates. You will find both fish and different meats. You can also get ideas for garnishes and other accompaniments.

Before choosing your menu, we advise you to be clear about whether you want to dedicate a little or a lot of time to it, prefer Christmas recipes to prepare the day before Or leave it for the last moment. A) Yes, you can organize yourself and not be overwhelmed. If you are concerned about the economy and want save on christmasit is preferable that you do not leave the purchase until the last moment, since prices tend to skyrocket.

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What is served as a second at Christmas dinner?

Getting it right with the choice of the second course at Christmas will make a difference in the menu you choose. In general, we tend to opt for meat or fish prepared in a traditional way.

  • Fish. Apart from prawns, scallops and salmon, at Christmas baked fish with sauces such as cava, and elegant garnishes based on mushrooms or nuts, triumph. Cod, sea bream, hake and sea bass are always good options.
  • Meat. Pork tenderloin with grape sauce, Wellington sirloin (the one with puff pastry), baked stuffed capon, pork knuckle with mustard, rack of lamb with honey, picantones with cognac or duck magret are some of the most popular traditional recipes .

What foods are eaten for Christmas?

In general, at Christmas we use the family recipe book and repeat those recipes that we like so much and that we only drink once a year. On the other hand, there are also those who seek comfort and opt for more up-to-date menus with many christmas snacks, Canapesstarters and buffet dishes.

  • creams and soups. A classic with a taste of home, perfect for warming up with the Christmas first course. christmas soupfish, seafood cream, boletus or vichyssoise will make you look phenomenal.
  • Seconds. Shellfish, lamb, pork tenderloin, ternasco, pularda, capon, sea bream or sea bass usually triumph at Christmas.
  • traditions. The Castilian La Mancha garlic soup, the Andalusian stew, the Balearic almond cream or the Catalan escudella are good examples of the richness of our gastronomy.

An advice: to design your Christmas menu, always start with the second. once you have it, look for options that complete it. If you opt for a meat as a second, you can put a salpicón or a seafood cream first. In case of opting for a second fish, you can put Iberian-based starters or an assortment of quality pâtés.

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Below you will find several recipes for second courses for Christmas so that you can start designing your menus as soon as possible. And, if you are interested, you can also take a look at our proposal for Christmas recipes ready in less than 30 minutes. You will love them!

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