10 drugstore anti-aging serums for women over 60 that are worth buying

10 drugstore anti-aging serums for women over 60 that are worth buying +2023

The serum is a basic part of the beauty routine because it is the product that treats the skin.. The most basic beauty routine consists of cleansing and hydration, but if we want to combat the signs of aging, stains or loss of firmness, the serum will be our ally. Since it is the one penetrates the deepest layers of the skin and the one that ‘repairs’ it from the inside. The moisturizer seals that treatment, that’s why all the steps in skin care are important and none replaces another.

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From the age of 60, the skin needs extra care and the serum becomes a fundamental basic. Hyaluronic acid for extra hydration, collagen to keep the skin in place or vitamin C to even out the tone and illuminate are some of the star ingredients in the cosmetic bag for women with mature skin.


  • The skin loses density and volume, so the facial oval no longer looks so defined. This occurs because the production of collagen and elastin slows down, which also makes wrinkles more evident.
  • Wrinkles and spots are also accentuated by photoaging. The effects of the sun are relentless.
  • The tone fades and loses luminosity.
  • The skin feels drier and finer, because it generates less fat.


Highly concentrated serums reinforce the action of creams. If at 40 and 50 it is important to always apply a serum before your day and night cream, at 60 they become essential. As its active ingredients are highly concentrated, they enhance the action of the creams that are used below.

By Therefore, choosing a suitable serum for our skin is very important if we want to see real results. The most important thing is to let ourselves be advised by professionals and use one that is suitable for our skin type and, of course, the result that we want to achieve. A depigmenting beauty treatment for blemishes is not the same as another to combat the first wrinkles or flaccidity. Pharmacy is where there is more variety and also their products have more concentrated and specific formulas. We have taken advantage of the discounts Black Friday 2022 to get them at a better price. Elixir of youth for the skin.

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