10 Common First Tattoo Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid +2023

Reviewed and Updated: December 12, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Not all tattoo mistakes can be corrected or concealed. You have to be careful when getting the first tattoo. Here are the ten most common tattoo mistakes that most people avoid but regret later.

Read them to prevent your new ink from being a disappointment. Consider the following common tattoo mistakes before entering the tattoo parlor.

  1. Do not pull out the tattoo first

Whatever you have in mind, you should always sketch it first. You never know what something is going to look like physically until you do it. Additionally, it gives your tattoo artist a clearer picture of what you like to capture. You and the artist can create something you are happy with if they offer their professional point of view.

  1. Not enough research

Planning is probably the most important aspect of getting it right. You are responsible for conducting research and making decisions that affect the outcome of your tattoo. The artist and shop you choose should have a solid reputation and online portfolios. If possible, you should also get references from friends and family.

Don’t choose the nearest tattoo parlor without carefully checking the details. The same applies to the artist you have selected. Examine and question every part of their website and social media presence.

If you are looking forward to avoiding common tattoo mistakes, then you should understand clearly. If you have chosen a tattoo from the internet or want to copy it from someone or a magazine, you need to take a clear photo of it so that you can show it to your artist.

It is recommended to use a scanner app for this. You will find the button Download PDF scanner app to get a clear photo of the tattoo and you can show the photo to the tattoo designer. The AppScan tool will help you scan and digitize all your tattoo photos. You can log in with your scan ID.

  1. Choosing the wrong size

Occasionally when a tattoo is too large it can overshadow all surrounding tattoos. Occasionally, when something is too little, there is a lack of detail. Of course, neither too big nor too small is desirable.

Always do a tattoo stencil test to prevent this problem from developing. So you can choose which size suits you best.

  1. Too much in the same place

If you have an intricate design, you might want to locate everything in one place. However, this will result in color mixing. Some designs require extensive surfaces and intricate linings.

Even though the design looks superior on paper, it may look different on the skin. You will want to fit too much in the same place. However, your tattoo artist will warn you about this. The crowded tattoo places are usually not aesthetically pleasing. To create a stunning tattoo, combine a large central motif with smaller details.

  1. Wrong placement

You should know where to get one tattoo and what kind of tattoo you will get. The location of the tattoo has a significant impact on color retention. Some regions of the body cannot absorb enough ink.

Additionally, some individuals prefer their tattoos to be hidden while others want them to be visible. Consider whether you want a visible or a concealed tattoo. In the long term, many people want to create a series of tattoos; So you should also take this into account.

  1. Poor aftercare and no aftercare

A competent tattoo artist knows that a freshly applied tattoo is identical to an old one. Therefore, you will always receive care instructions and, in certain cases, an ointment.

First-time tattoo recipients make the mistake of not following the provided aftercare instructions. This affects the appearance of the tattoo once it has fully healed. The tattoo can fade significantly or lose important elements, thereby losing its meaning.

  1. Tattoo of your lover

This is one of the most common tattoo mistakes made by young people. Avoid getting your loved ones names and pictures as tattoos. When it comes to a breakup, both parties seek cover-up tattoos from tattoo artists. Some take drastic measures to eliminate them. Consider getting identical tattoo patterns instead of finding matching names or faces.

  1. Budgeting too little

Tattoos are expensive. In addition to paying for the ink, artwork, and artist’s time, it is customary to leave a hefty tip. Don’t compromise the quality of your tattoo with a reputable artist because of the cost.

Tattoos are a significant financial commitment; If necessary, save up until you can afford one. Getting a tattoo is usually not something you want to skimp on, especially if you have an intricate design in mind.

  1. don’t ask questions

Ask any question you have, no matter how trivial it may seem. If it helps reduce your anxiety, it will be worth it. If the artist cannot safely and accurately describe the ingredients of the tattoo ink they are using, you may want to ask additional questions.

  1. Not finding the right tattoo artist

Don’t settle for an inferior tattoo artist. Numerous tattoo artists are available but you need to find the greatest artist. Remember that not all tattoo artists live up to their promises; So choose the best one. You can even get recommendations from friends who already have tattoos. Finding the right tattoo artist can help you achieve the best tattoo design and avoid most tattoo mistakes. In addition to etching your tattoo, an experienced tattoo artist will help you determine the best tattoo design and placement.


This post lists 10 common first tattoo mistakes that everyone should avoid. Remember that small tattoos can still be concealed, but larger ones will be difficult to conceal. And having an unattractive tattoo is not a good choice because it will stay on your neck, arm or wherever you get it for 20 to 30 years. Hence, avoid these mistakes and get the best tattoo design.

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