10 cheap and successful Christmas recipes +2023

Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about what these conditions can mean financially speaking? Christmas 2022? Nothing surprises us, even more so when we realize that part of the budget usually goes at lunch or dinner. The fact that we all decide to eat the same thing on those days makes food more expensive (already skyrocketing due to the rise in prices we’ve been suffering for months).

Does this mean that you have to give up enjoying some Rich and special Christmas menus? Not at all, but you do apply a series of tricks that will help you pay homage by reducing costs and saving at christmas.

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Tricks to make cheap Christmas recipes

To get started, be clear about the budget you have and be faithful to him. Secondly, do not feel obliged to put any food with an exorbitant price: in addition to ruining your budget, surely your guests do not mind trying something different from the usual but just as delicious. Take a look at the offers, making sure that they really are, and assess if they are profitable for you.

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We also recommend that you take a look at the Christmas pre-cooked foods from the different supermarkets. The majority offer ready-made products such as salpicón, Christmas broths or stuffed birds that only need cooking and some accompaniment, which will make them very comfortable and practical, helping you save time and money.

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Finally, we advise you not to serve too many christmas snacks either Canapes. In addition to running the risk that diners will fill up before their time and then about the food of the first and second courses, the starters usually have several ingredients that make them more expensive. It is preferable that you buy a selection of pates already prepared or a cheese board of your choice. An extra tip? Take care of the presentation: you will transform a simple dish into a more sophisticated preparation.

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Below we propose several recipes that will surprise your guests, making you look good and without leaving your salary on them.

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