10 boho shirts with elegant Cortefiel prints to wear with jeans in winter +2023

The shirt and jeans looks are always a yes. Whatever the time of year and for the most different occasions, this combo of basics is one of the most flattering. That is why it is very worthwhile to have a beautiful, elegant and flattering collection of shirts in your wardrobe with which to create impeccable outfits. Among them you can not miss the boho style ones.

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Whenever we have the opportunity, we remind you that we are faithful to this style because it is romantic, original, casual and elegant at the same time. This happens in large part due to the prints and details of their garments. Now we have gone shopping in Cortefiel to sign 10 bohemian shirts They look great with jeans.

How to combine boho blouses from Cortefiel

In the list that we leave you below you will see proposals of different colors, patterns and shapesand with details as ideal as ruffles, embroidery or metallic threads. In addition, you will be able to wear them both inside and outside the jeans, depending on how you like them and how you feel better.

On how to combine them, Cortefiel’s boho blouses that you will see below combine with all kinds of jeans. Straight, flared, culotte type, wide leg… You can put them with anyone. Regarding footwear, they look great with cowboy boots, with track boots, with elegant ankle boots and even with sports-style sneakers. How much to outerwear… Go free! With more sophisticated coats, with jackets of different styles, with vests… Try everything you have because you’re going to get a winning combo.

10 boho shirts with elegant Cortefiel prints to wear with jeans in winter

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