10 Best Sideburn Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!


10 Best Sideburn Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind! +2023

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A sideburn face tattoo is the best way to enhance your aesthetic in a really fresh and artistic way, and they come in many different styles and facial ink styles.

Sideburn Face Tattoo
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Sideburn face tattoos are the type of body art that is a great way to enhance your look.

Sideburn tattoos can be of numerous types, from minimalist floral sideburn tattoos and snake sideburn tattoos to psychedelic imagery and many more. They are the most hyped face tattoos among the youth.

Expressing yourself creatively, through art and colour, is what the tattoo industry and face tattoos are all about. Get the sideburn tattoo of your choice be it a sword tattoo or a knife tattoo or a black rose sideburn tattoo or maybe a skull face tattoo. Your tattoo artist cares about your skin, whether normal or if you have relatively sensitive skin. Recently, very famous face tattoos have been small and simple designs like the heart tattoo, various infinity symbols, feather designs, and several unique designs and fandom art, like Harry Potter wands.

“Worthy” side burn tattoo done in black ink

Black ink "Worthy" Sideburn Tattoo
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Slightly above the chin, this tattoo spells out the word “Worthy” in black ink, vertically, stylized in various ways and it can come in many different fonts as well. It is clearly visible to everyone.

The word “Worthy” is stylized and evenly spaced. It hangs vertically, slightly above the chin, and is written in glossy black ink.

Choose the Worthy sideburn tattoo with the recommended shaved curls to better enhance your aesthetic. The glossy black ink makes it look neat, fresh and easy for everyone to see, and of course the stylized appearance would make the word look as beautiful as it means. Since the letters are written on top of each other, it wouldn’t take up too much space either! All in all, the Worthy black sideburn tattoo is worth picking!

Black ink lettering tattoo with colored red rose sideburn tattoo

Black ink lettering tattoo with colored red rose sideburn tattoo
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The colored red rose sideburn tattoo has the words “Dad” written in glossy black ink between the stem, stylized in simple block letters and looking very neat.

Whatever language(s) you speak, the word “dad” has a special meaning in many cultures. Color your face with this word and let the world know how special your daddy is to you. A timeless classic with multiple meanings is a stunning red rose and this face tattoo has just that sparkle with good placement.

Surrounding the profile and facing the jaw, the rose is outlined in bright red and black, making it look crystal clear and neat, and highlighting the intricate details. A red rose is a classic work of art that instantly enhances anything! The leafy stem and even the thorns enhance your aesthetic and self-expression. And piercing through the flower is the word “Dad,” written in black ink and a stylized font, evenly spaced. Show your loved ones how special they are with this sideburn face tattoo. If a red rose doesn’t work for you, you can get it in several other colors for a change, maybe a rainbow too!

Downward dagger face with sideburns tattoo

Down sideburn dagger face tattoo
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The downward facing dagger tattoo is drawn a bit above the jawline and resembles a small dagger with curved holders, nicely shaded and with small dots to make it neater. Properly shaded with tiny dots, the dagger is left uncolored to give it a fancier look.

The downward dagger sideburn tattoo is drawn in glossy black ink and points down towards the lower jaw. The majestic metaphor for strength and above all stealth is shaded in black ink. The tattoo is drawn with black ink and the insides are left uncolored to give it a fresh and precise look. It is perfectly outlined and detailed while retaining its minimalist attributes in terms of dimensions and style.

Flower strand face tattoo

Flower strand face tattoo
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Flower strand sideburn tattoo starts behind the ear drawn in black and white ink with minimalistic flowers at the base. Drawn in black ink and beautifully shaded, it starts behind the ear and ends with two minimalist flowers at the base.

In the tattoo world, flower strand sideburn tattoo is popular with many celebrities who want a minimalistic yet eye-catching piece of art to express themselves. The tattoo is perfectly shaded and most of the inside is left colorless to make it appear cleaner. The flowers are directed downwards and the petals are drooping.

“Side Fern” Sideburn Face Tattoo Woman

"side fern" Sideburns face tattoo woman
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Drawn towards the jaw, the “side fern” face tattoo is a downward array of sketched fern leaves with pointed edges and different colors. This particular sideburn tattoo is drawn with fine and narrow lines for the leaf veins and tiny dots for the leaves. The leaves of the side fern face tattoo are drawn with pointed edges.

Real fern leaves give a place the look of an old noir movie and the side fern face tattoo wouldn’t be much different from your face. The sideburn side fern tattoo has been a very popular choice for inked sketches among tattoo artists for quite some time. This tattoo starts at the back of the ears and moves towards the front of the ears towards the cheek which is clearly visible. It spreads into a series of fern leaves, the veins of which are marked with fine black dashes and a single line.

Set of Quills Feather Sideburns Face Tattoo

Set of Quills Feather Sideburns Face Tattoo
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The series of sideburn tattoos is literally a stunning sketch of a set of quills held by a set of hands in various shades of warm colors. The Quills Face Tattoo series is a psychedelic arrangement of a feathered feather held by a series of hands, which in turn rests on dreamy moths and a glass cage. This beautiful sideburn tattoo shows several warm hues being used.

There are several rings on the fingers of the hand, along with fountain pens and a fairly large feathered quill that the hand holds. Various shades of bright yellow and orange cover the nib, and slightly cooler tones are used to color the hand and pencils. The glass cage and the beautiful moths bring out the mystical elements in the tattoo.

Classic rose sideburn tattoos

Classic rose sideburn tattoos
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The classic rose sideburn face tattoo is one of the most beautiful floral tattoos you can get, with subtle yet realistic thorns. The classic rose sideburn face tattoo is an upright inked sketch of a three petal rose. The subtle thorns make the piece look realistic.

It is usually drawn perpendicular to the jaw line, in clear view. The stem is neat and precise while the leaves stand out with pointed edges and at the top with the rose and its beautiful petals. It’s classy and simple, and is a popular choice for first-time tattoos because it’s minimalist and smaller. This rose tattoo has been left colorless to make it look cleaner and more accurate and has been shaded to perfection.

Selenite Crystal Face Tattoos

Selenite Crystal Face Tattoos
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The selenite crystal sideburn face tattoo is composed of two pink moonstones placed together, using different shades of pink for detail. The selenite crystal sideburn face tattoo plays with different shades of pink, with crystals and smoke and tiny plants.

This tattoo has two beautiful crystals surrounded by a magical looking smoke that is also pink in color. The shading in appropriate areas is perfectly executed, giving it a realistic touch. Multiple fine plant strands emerge from the sides of the crystals in just a single line, adding to the aesthetic of the design. The Crystal Face Tattoo is popular with women who practice astrology or are simply interested in the field. The variety of colors has led many people to rate this as more suitable for thicker skin and a 6/10 on the pain scale.

Dagger through Rose Face Tattoos

Dagger through Rose Face Tattoos
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The dagger through a rose cutlet face tattoo is the image of a shiny dagger cutting through a red rose that a dagger slides through. This tattoo is that of a red rose, perfectly colored and shaded. A dagger goes through the bright red rose.

Dagger through a rose cutlet face tattoo is the perfect combination of beauty and beast to decorate your face. The spread, blood-red petals of the rose, the subtle thorns and precise outlines in black ink, as well as the equally large dagger with a slightly more colorful exterior passing through the rose, give the art an almost regal air. If you are in an alternative band or just love Greek mythology, The Dagger Through a Rose Sideburn Face Tattoo is the perfect one for you and your profile!

Smiling skeleton sideburns face tattoo

Smiling skeleton sideburns face tattoo
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The smiling skeleton sideburn face tattoo is a whimsical little skeleton holding a four-pointed star, in a cartoonish way like a yo-yo.

A smiling cartoon skeleton holding a four pointed star with a string, sideburns shaved, this piece would look even neater and more accurate. The tattoo is mainly located on the back of the ear, starting at the base, going up the legs of the skeleton and ending at the tip of the ear.

Sideburn tattoos are one of the greatest ways to reclaim your body, redefine your style and, in many ways, defy convention while looking like the best version of yourself. Other face sideburn tattoos are also a beautiful way to express yourself, such as the following:

  • Different ornament design tattoo.
  • The 12 symbols of astrology tattoo.
  • The phases of the black moon tattoo.
  • A high neck tattoo of your choice of Harry Potter wand.
  • Your favorite quote tattoo, vertical to your neck.

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