10 Best Rising Dragon Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind! +2023

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Are you looking for a way to unlock the dragon that has been growing inside him since childhood? Here are some amazing rising dragon tattoo ideas that can make your wish come true!

Rising dragon tattoo
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The dragon rising tattoos have always been a popular design among both tattoo snobs and tattoo artists for their intricate designs and classy looks.

From How to Train Your Dragon to Peter’s Dragon, from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones, dragons have always multiplied the thrill of viewing these fantasy worlds. If you are one of those fantasy fans then there is no other reason to get inked with a super cool ascending dragon tattoo.

Dragons are believed to be legendary creatures that have different symbolic meanings in both Eastern and Western cultures. In Eastern mythology and folk tales, especially in Chinese culture, dragons are described as huge, four-legged, serpent-like creatures that are also a symbol of wisdom, power, luck, etc. In western cultures, however, the fire-breathing dragons symbolize evil power and destruction. They are described as having a scaly, lizard-like body with bat-like wings, four legs and a massive tail.

Due to its intricate features, a rising dragon tattoo is quite a challenge for tattoo artists around the world. But nothing to worry about; The professional artists of Rising Dragon Tattoo studio in New York, who are knowledgeable about tattoo art, can provide you with your desired dragon tattoo. The Rising Dragon Tattoo Parlor in Union Square is one of the best tattoo shops in NYC. Darren Rosa, the studio’s owner, used his 36 years of tattooing experience to open the first legal tattoo shop in New York. The artists of this studio are very welcoming and do custom tattoos. Here you can book your appointment by sending a message to their email id. You can also search on Google or follow them on Instagram where they post their wonderful works. The following list contains two of her masterpieces and the rest are some amazing dragon rising tattoo ideas that might steal your heart.

Read on, the list is all yours!

Japanese ascending dragon tattoo

Japanese ascending dragon tattoo
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If you have decided to have a massive chest and sleeve tattoo then this Darren masterpiece is what you need. The orange eyes contrast with the black and gray body of the fire-breathing Japanese dragon. The red-colored treads surrounding the dragon’s body give the impression that the dragon is chasing something at great speed.

The artist has meticulously detailed the face of the dragon, which is beyond comparison. The mustache and sharp teeth are a testament to Darren’s excellence in tattooing intricate designs. The green monster face on the sleeve complements the dragon’s ferocious expression very well.

Instead of the chest, you can also color this wonderful piece of art on your back, where the dragon’s curves would look more prominent and beautiful.

Medieval rising dragon tattoo

Medieval rising dragon tattoo
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This beautiful custom tattoo of a medieval rising dragon is another perfect example of Darren’s creativity. Darren’s obsession with dragons is reflected in his creativity.

This tattoo shows one side of a flying dragon with wings outstretched and tongue sticking out. The entire tattoo is done with black and gray inks giving the tattoo a powerful look. You can do the tattoo on the side of your thigh. You can also wear the tattoo on your arm where it will look just as amazing.

Great red soaring dragon tattoo

Great red soaring dragon tattoo
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This red rising dragon tattoo would be an ideal choice for those who want a clean fine line dragon tattoo. The intricate designs of the tattoo highlight every tiny part of the dragon’s complex body.

The dragon’s scaly body required more attention from the artist than any other part of the tattoo. Get inked with such mesmerizing soaring dragon tattoo on your thigh, leg or shoulder area. You can also add flowers or symbols of your choice.

Game of Thrones inspired rising dragon tattoo

Game of Thrones inspired rising dragon tattoo
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If you are a great fan of Game of Thrones series then this realistic Game of Thrones inspired rising dragon tattoo is a perfect tattoo for you. Multicolored tattoo of the three dragons from the series surrounding the portrait of Daenerys against a fiery orange background has created an intriguing look.

The dragon’s eyes are made to shine through the skillful use of white paint. Daenerys is shown scratching a dragon’s chin, which not only indicates their friendly relationship, but also tells of the brave soul of the female protagonist.

You can experiment with the characters of the series in your tattoo. We advise you to have this massive colorful soaring dragon tattoo on your back or chest where the artist could get a big canvas to play with his inks!

Hiccup’s toothless ascending dragon tattoo

Hiccup's toothless ascending dragon tattoo
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do you fantasize about riding a nocturnal dragon like Toothless in your dreams? This cute monochrome tattoo of Toothless from block blubster animation movie called How to Train Your Dragon is just what you need if you want animated rising dragon tattoo.

The tattoo shows Toothless as if he had just taken a flight. The small sparks surrounding it give a magical vibe to the whole tattoo. You can show off this cute tattoo on your arm, calf or neck.

Black Spine Rising Dragon Tattoo

Black Spine Rising Dragon Tattoo
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Since brush tattoos are trending these days, a super cool ascending dragon brush tattoo would surely up your style statement by several degrees.

This black inked brush tattoo of a Chinese rising dragon with wonderful calligraphy of Chinese words running the length of the dragon is brimming with aesthetic beauty. This spine tattoo will look perfect on your spine of course. But you can also make a mini version of it on your finger.

Fine Line Rising Dragon and Tiger Tattoo

Fine Line Rising Dragon and Tiger Tattoo
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Fine line tattoos never go out of style. This fine line tattoo depicts a battle between a massive Chinese ascending dragon and a ferocious tiger. The artist has focused on the facial expressions of the dragon and the tiger which gives a realistic look to the whole tattoo.

The tiger is shown biting the dragon’s tail and the dragon is shown as if struggling. A Chinese letter right in the middle of the tattoo increases the severity of the tattoo by several degrees. Like the image, this unique and massive tattoo fits best on your back where it will easily catch people’s attention. But you can do the same tattoo on your chest as well.

Adorable Rising Dragon Tattoo Design

Adorable Rising Dragon Tattoo Design
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This adorable Asian soaring dragon tattoo is very different from those of serious, powerful, dangerous looking ones. The tattoo depicts a cute blue dragon rising with a cute gray cat. The dragon is mainly drawn in blue color, but certain parts of the dragon are colored with light pink, yellow, purple and orange color.

Beneath the adorable looks, the tattoo is full of deep meanings. Here, the Asian dragon symbolizes prosperity, knowledge, strength, etc., while the cat symbolizes independence, protection, and curiosity. This adorable soaring dragon tattoo will look equally adorable on your arm, ankle or calf.

Mini Blue Fire Spitting Rising Dragon Tattoo

Mini Blue Fire Spitting Rising Dragon Tattoo
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This adorable illustrative mini tattoo of a western rising dragon is the perfect one for those getting inked for the first time. The artist drew the dragon in solid blue ink, and the edges of the wings and the edges of the tail and face are drawn in black ink.

The dragon’s fire breath has been tinted with red color which just creates a fresh adorable look. As the tattoo is small it will look beautiful on your wrist, finger or ankle area. You can ask your tattoo artist to experiment with the color combination.

Korean decorative ascending dragon tattoo

Korean decorative ascending dragon tattoo
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This decorative ascending dragon tattoo is one of a kind. In this tattoo art, the artist has drawn tendrils and flowers for the dragon’s body. The glowing eyes of the dragon add a magical vibe to the tattoo. The amazing combination of blue, lavender, yellow and white color easily attracts the attention of onlookers.

You can get inked with this type of ornament dragon tattoo if you want to have something unusual in your tattoo. The tattoo will look great on your spine, calf or your wrist. You can also change the color combination to your liking.

Last but not least, ascending dragon tattoos always consist of intricate features. To get a perfect rising dragon tattoo one needs to find a skilled and experienced artist otherwise the tattoo may not live up to expectations. If you are a New Yorker or live near New York, you can head straight to the Rising Dragon Tattoo Shop in Union Square to get inked with one of these amazing rising dragon tattoo designs. The salon is open every day of the week except Sunday from 11am to 9pm. There is another tattoo parlor called Rising Dragon Tattoo in Bandra which is also one of the famous tattoo parlors in India. Aside from these two salons, there are of course other qualified tattoo artists. To reach them, search on google by typing “best tattoo artists near me”.

Want more options? Here we have listed some more amazing rising dragon tattoo ideas for you.

  • A classic black and gray rising dragon tattoo silhouetted against a massive white moon.
  • An amazing Kung Fu Panda inspired dragon rising tattoo.
  • A delightful soaring dragon tattoo with flowers.
  • A massive tattoo of two dueling ascending dragons.
  • A colorful riding dragon tattoo wraps around a Chinese tower.

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