10 Best Realism Tattoo Artists That Will Blow Your Mind! +2023

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Looking for your next tattoo inspiration that looks realistic? We have a list of the best realism tattoo artists for you to choose from.

Best realism tattoo artist
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Tattoos have evolved over the years and now there are some tattoo artists who have taken their work to another level.

Tattoo artists have started to create realistic tattoos that take multiple sessions. Finding a tattoo artist who can get all the details right and create an image in front of you that looks like the real thing is not easy.

There are some tattoo artists who create some realism tattoos that are extremely impressive to behold. All the details of these tattoos are on point and you may not be able to tell the difference between the real picture and the tattoo. These tattoo artists have taken the art world to the next level.

Choosing a tattoo can be quite a difficult process, especially when you have a lot of designs to choose from. If you are looking for a serious tattoo with bold and bright colors then you should definitely consider a realism tattoo. If you go to an experienced tattoo artist, they will help you decide on the tattoo design and will also explain you every detail of that particular tattoo including the colors and strokes. Some people also like to opt for black and gray realism tattoos that also look extremely spectacular.

We have compiled a list of some of the best realism tattoo artists. So what are you waiting for? Choose your artist, choose your design and make your tattoo now.

Kir tattoo

Kir tattoo
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If you are looking for a tattoo design that looks even better than the real picture, you should visit Kir Tattoo Studio. Kir specializes in making tattoos related to animals such as wolves, lions, gorillas and others. The tattoo artist goes deep into the details of the design to make it look as realistic as possible. If you are trying to go for a design that conveys emotions as well, then you can look at the top tattoo designs. It is possible that you will not be able to visit Kir due to the distance. However, you can look at his tattoo designs for inspiration and consult your tattoo artist to create a similar design for you.

This tattoo has a Roman design. The entire tattoo has been done on the left arm as a sleeve and a graying has been used to complete this tattoo. Certain areas have also been highlighted with yellow and red colors. To mark this tattoo with his specialty, Kir added a lion tattoo on the back of the palm. This is one of the best realism tattoos that you will find on the internet.

David Wega

David Wega
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David Vega is another tattoo artist who has a great portfolio. His realistic tattoos are so beautiful that they are worth showing off at every opportunity. He does all kinds of realistic tattoos, from butterflies to nature to portraits. David Vega is most popular for creating portrait tattoos. His strokes are very clean and each of his portraits is in direct accordance with the original image.

Portrait tattoos are actually a very common tattoo design among people. These tattoos generally work when you are trying to keep someone close to your heart, especially your children and loved ones. David Vega makes the tattoo so realistic that upon viewing you will see that these people are around you all the time. Consider going to Vegas for your next tattoo and if you can’t use his designs for inspiration.

David Corden

David Corden
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David Corden is one of the most brilliant tattoo artists in the business. His specialty is realism tattoos, 3D tattoos as well as custom tattoos. One fact about David Cotton that not many know is that he started tattooing as a temp job, but he got so good at it that it became his career and he’s been a tattoo artist for over 15 years. His work from the start was highly appreciated by both his clients and his boss at the time. Over the years David Gordon has created amazing tattoo pieces that look just as realistic as you can imagine. He has created portraits of celebrities and famous characters from TV shows and cartoons. All his work is incredibly detailed and looks great.

Niki Norberg

Niki Norberg
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Niki Norberg is a very famous tattoo artist who hails from Sweden. He is a very versatile tattoo and whatever he does looks on point. His tattoos are incredible. However, you are not limited to portraits. He has created all types of tattoos from animal tattoos to realism to tattoos and even some custom tattoos. He likes to use black and gray colors for most of the design. He has also created some amazing artworks with 3D effects. He enjoys creating pieces related to famous TV shows and movies. One of his most famous pieces comes from Star Wars Galaxy. If you are looking for a tattoo artist who will emulate your fantasies then you should definitely consider this one.

Martin’s tattoo

Martin's tattoo
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Martins is one of the finest realism artists in this field. His approach to realistic ink and spilling is incredible. Not only has he created some real looking portraits but also some game anime characters from shows like Legend of Zelda. Regardless of the customer’s skin color, his tattoos look extremely realistic. All of his designs are very detailed and each piece is thoroughly made. He tries to draw clean lines that are precise and have some 3D effects in the background to make the tattoo look realistic. Most of his tattoos are in shades of black, gray and white. Even though these tattoos take multiple sessions to create, they look brilliant once healed.

Glenn McAllister

Glenn McAllister
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Glenn is an incredible tattoo artist who has created some amazing portrait tattoos and realism tattoos. Its gait is so incredibly fine that you can see each line individually, and together they make a beautiful tattoo. He doesn’t like to play with lots of colors but one thing that is common in his designs is that when there is an element in the tattoo that needs to be highlighted, he uses bright colors like blue, yellow and red to make them stand out. He also adds a shading feature on the back of the design to give it a nicer effect. If you are looking for a tattoo artist who will make a real looking design for you. Then you should definitely consider booking with Glenn McAllister.

Alex Sorsa

Alex Sorsa
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Alex Sorsa is a tattoo artist whose skills and style are very unique. Each of her beautiful pieces left a lasting impression on her customer. Her strokes and design are very accurate. Their tattoos mostly feature portraits of famous characters. She is one of the best realism tattoo artist. Then you can think.

Most of her tattoos are done with black, gray and white ink. Because they are so detailed, they take multiple sessions to complete. How work is incredibly popular and breathes life into every character. Over the years she has mainly done sleeve tattoos for arms and legs. She has also created some beautiful designs for the back.

Dimitri Troshin

Dimitri Troshin
@mistertroshin via Instagram

Dimitry Troshin is another amazing tattoo artist who has an unmatched portfolio. If you look at the images on his Instagram page, you will see that each tattoo is incredibly unique and different types of graphic designs have been used on it. Not only has he created some of the best looking realism tattoos but he has also painted many paintings on canvas. Most of his designs feature dot work art, but they are put together so well that they look realistic. His tattoos are incredibly detailed and he uses black, gray and brown colors for these designs. If you are looking for really beautiful, realistic tattoo ideas, you should consult him.

Inal Berzekov

Inal Berzekov
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Inal Berzukov is another amazing tattoo artist who has created some beautiful and outstanding pieces. Every design from him is very unique. Not only has he created some amazing celebrity portraits, he has also recreated some movie posters. Each design has very fine strokes that give it a very elegant look. He mainly uses black and gray tones for his tattoos because that’s his style. His designs look so realistic that you will find it difficult to distinguish between the actual image and the tattoo. If you are looking to get a picture of your favorite person tattooed on your body then you should definitely consult Inal and if you can’t you should check out his Instagram page for inspiration.

Nikko Hurtado

Nikko Hurtado
@nikkohurtado via Instagram

Nikko Hurtado is another amazing professional realism tattoo artist. He has a studio in Los Angeles and over 2,000,000 Instagram followers. One look at his Instagram page and you will understand the intensity of his art. Unlike the other tattoo artists, Nikko tries to use vibrant colors to give the tattoo more impact. Some of his most famous tattoos come from movies like Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean. He has created several tattoo designs of characters from these films and each of them has always been a hit. If you want to recreate an image or a still from your favorite movie then this is the tattoo artist you should go to.

These realistic tattoos have a certain style and will never go out of style. You can have your favorite characters and celebrities tattooed on your body and it looks extremely realistic. Here are some other tattoo artists you can check out:

  • David Benjamin Kaye
  • Thomas Carli Jarlier
  • Ralph Nonweiler
  • Evan Olin
  • Steve Butcher

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