10 Best Namakubi Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind! +2023

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Everyone wants to have a meaningful tattoo and many people are attracted to the Namakubi tattoo. Let’s check out some of these tattoos!

Namakubi tattoo
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A Namakubi tattoo can represent courage, integrity, strength and dignity.

These designs typically depict the most extreme aspects of warrior ideals. Like dying at your opponent’s hands for the honor of becoming a true soldier.

Getting a Namakubi tattoo design can remind many people of their adherence to higher ideals, such as those of the samurai class. They can also be a wonderful addition to your tattoo assortment. A namakubi design featuring a geisha head can represent the meaning of love and freedom. During the Edo period, criminal punishment was extraordinarily harsh and often included beheading, hanging, and even burning. A severed head is a Namakubi tattoo. This is also the most accurate and literal translation. The style is typically performed in the Japanese style of tattooing, which is common in Japanese culture.

The tattoo can represent a warrior and someone who has experienced ups and downs and a “bloody” journey or life path. Many opt for this daring retro idea. The Namakubi tattoo is usually done by those who like it and are not afraid to use red ink and a splash of fake blood in their designs. The print itself appears mystical or scary, suggesting that it might not be the most feminine or feminine tattoo out there. Namakubi (the severed head) has roots in the warrior class of feudal Japan and can indicate a variety of things, including combat prowess or respect for the enemy.

Japanese namakubi tattoo

Japanese namakubi tattoo
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Namakubi roughly means “freshly severed head”. A Namakubi tattoo is a depiction of a freshly cut head. Some people might see these tattoos and assume they are there for shock effects without knowing the narrative behind them. Like other traditional Japanese tattoos, there is a lot more to this design than meets the eye. Despite its ghastly appearance, the Namakubi tattoo is an extremely popular option all over the world.

The tattoo artist has done a pretty brilliant job especially the colored ink used to make the tattoo look more attractive and has attracted many viewers. The tattoo is made to appear as if it is looking directly at you or staring at you. The tattoo shows a woman wearing a strange mask and then a sword above her head coming out of her mouth.

Namakubi tattoo black and gray

Namakubi tattoo black and gray
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It is a very recent western phenomenon to see death as sad as it is commonly portrayed. Medical advances are constantly being made in the West to prolong life and keep people alive, even when they are seriously ill. Although every culture has its unique funeral ceremonies and it is normal to feel sad when someone dies, many traditions accept death as a natural part of life.

Attitudes and customs surrounding death are changing in modern Japan, although there is still a romantic attitude toward someone’s death. This romantic approach is evident in the famous image of the cherry blossom. Since cherry blossoms only bloom briefly in spring, they are often used as a symbol of the fragility of life.

Japanese tattoo designs

Japanese tattoo designs
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Traditionally, Japanese tattoos were applied by hand using a metal or wooden stick. Tebori is the name of this hand technique. It is time consuming but those who appreciate traditional Japanese tattoos can opt for this method when receiving a Japanese design like Namakubi. Namakubi can be drawn in a variety of styles. Majority of people like traditional Japanese line art while others prefer neo-traditional art.

The images, in a neo-traditional tattoo design, have a modern “3D” feel with bold lines and an almost cartoonish look. Many Namakubi tattoos feature samurai heads, but some may choose geisha tattoos or a different character altogether. To understand why someone would get a severed head tattoo, one must first understand ancient Japanese battlefields and the Eastern perspective on death.

Namakubi tattoo meaning

Namakubi tattoo meaning
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Namakubi tattoos can represent both respect for one’s enemies and acceptance of one’s fate. It could be a way of reminding yourself that death is inevitable and enjoying life while it lasts, knowing that everything will eventually come to an end. They could also be a symbol of bravery. Remember that courage is not the absence of fear; it is frightened and still moving forward. Warriors were not always fearless; Rather, they were willing to accept their fear and deal with it.

A Namakubi tattoo is a deeply meaningful work of art that can shock some people. This tattoo art depicts a man and a sword sticking out of the throat coming out of the head. The person looks like an old man from Japan and this tattoo can have significant meaning for individuals. When deciding to get a Namakubi tattoo, one should first try to understand the meaning of the tattoo and then finish it.

Namakubi Tattoo Flash

Namakubi Tattoo Flash
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The namakubi are severed skulls drawn in the classic Japanese style, but they are more than that. They are meant to represent the moment of seppuku, or ceremonial suicide. They are specially designed for samurai seppuku. These famous warriors were legendary, and instead of being captured by the enemy or living after disgracing or embarrassing their families, these Japanese knights committed suicide. This tattoo looks like the girl has been possessed by evil spirits and she has a dagger on her head.

The tongue is shown twisted around the dagger like a snake. If you look closely at the tattoo, you know that having such a big tongue for a person is quite unusual. The tattoo is beautifully done but it looks creepy. There are people who opt for such tattoos but most of the people would not want to pick up such tattoos. Each individual has their own way of interpreting things; it may be said to be an omen, and some may call or consider it a protective charm.

The beauty of the Japanese tattoo

The beauty of the Japanese tattoo
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Namakubi tattoos, in most cases, represent the wearer’s own honor and self-discipline, while they can also be worn to represent the importance of dignity. However, Namakubi tattoos may not always depict the owner’s head and may fully represent another person’s head.

In such circumstances, this represents the possessor’s admiration for that person, whether for their ideals, personal honor, strength, or general character. Ultimately, while it’s a morbid and hardcore way of putting it, what you see is a very high compliment indeed.

The different meanings of the Namakubi tattoo

The different meanings of the Namakubi tattoo
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The first reaction that comes to mind when seeing a Namakubi tattoo is astonishment. Of course it’s a severed head, typically bloodied and brutalized. While various styles are absolutely possible, most often it is portrayed in the traditional Japanese manner.

However, since tattoo art is all about the wearer, you are not limited to “Japanese only” imagery. Some people may choose to express their namakubi in a way that shows other facets of their personality. For example, the New School style might convey the same tough message while saying it with a grin.

The blood in the Namakubi tattoo

The blood in the Namakubi tattoo
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Namakubi tattoos can represent a variety of things. Many people are drawn to art for its remarkable beauty; Despite their long history, they are not everyday tattoos. Others may wear them to show the owner’s appreciation of Japanese culture and art. However, many people will get Namakubi tattoos to reflect aspects of their personality or who they respect.

As a samurai or geisha, one might have a namakubi sculpted from one’s own head to represent the actual intent of this type of art. In contrast, others may honor a deceased friend or foe with this ultimate symbol. To say the least, it is a heavy tattoo that is not for everyone. The way the tattoo is inked it looks very attractive. The red color used to show the blood in the tattoo makes the tattoo look vivid and attractive and we can say that the tattoo artist really did a nice job to make this tattoo.

The realistic Namakubi tattoo

The realistic Namakubi tattoo
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This tattoo is beautifully done and the details on the tattoo are admirable. The artist did an excellent job with this tattoo. The colored ink added to the tattoo makes the tattoo look more attractive. The tattoo is done in such a way that it looks like the woman’s head is lying between the petals of the flower.

The concept is unique until you look closely at the tattoo and notice bloodstains on the white petals of the flower. This tattoo can be inked on the skin by either men or women and one can add or change elements as one pleases.

The tattoo on the head

The tattoo on the head
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It is said that inking or inking in the head area is very painful. The tattoo depicts the head of an angry looking man who has been stabbed with a dagger. This tattoo has its own personal meaning but it still looks creepy to someone who is not very aware of the meaning of the tattoo.

This tattoo can also be applied to other parts of the body, and the color of the tattoo can be changed at will. This tattoo can also be done as a patchwork tattoo.

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