10 Best Cross With Clouds Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind! +2023

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Fancy a cross with clouds tattoo designs? Then check out this list of awesome cross with clouds tattoo ideas for your next tattoo adventure!

Cross with clouds tattoo
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Cross tattoo designs have always been appreciated in the tattoo world and people have incorporated numerous other elements at will to customize the tattoos to their own purposes.

But a cross with clouds tattoo was a classic tattoo idea and one of the top choices for tattoo snobs both men and women. Both crosses and clouds carry myriad symbolic meanings and, when combined with other significant elements, convey the individual’s goals.

A cross is primarily a sign of a Christian cross. The cross, the lower part of which is elongated, denotes the cross or crucifix on which Jesus Christ was crucified to save mankind. But a cross in tattoo art not only shows your deviation from your religion but also symbolizes other deep meanings. It can also mean loyalty, sacrifice and unconditional love. A cross tattoo can also be worn to honor your loved ones. On the other hand, clouds also have a certain religious significance. In many cultures, clouds are considered vehicles of gods, goddesses, and other immortal beings. A white cloud is usually associated with happy times, happiness and good luck. But black clouds are seen more as an ominous sign.

In body art, a merging of the cross with clouds can signify hope in difficult times or God’s constant presence in the dark times of your life. Go through the list below and choose one of these amazing cross with clouds tattoo designs for your next tattoo adventure!

Massive cross with clouds tattoo on chest and stomach

Massive cross with clouds tattoo on chest and stomach
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A chest and stomach tattoo is usually preferred by men because it stays close to the heart. The chest and abdomen are both very painful areas. Therefore, only those who have the strength to endure the pain can be successful in getting a perfect tattoo on these parts of the body. In this tattoo we can see that many elements have been incorporated and very precise details have been done by the master tattoo artist.

A simple cross is located right in the middle of the chest. A cluster of wavy clouds can be seen in the background. The tattoo also depicts two angels: one with hands clasped in a praying gesture and the other holding two pieces of a broken heart. There is also a devil on the right side of the stomach; It is inked with red and black ink to give a sharp contrast to the black and gray tattoo.

You can also sport this eye-catching tattoo on the back where the tattoo artist can have an equally large canvas as the chest and stomach areas.

Cross Wrapped In Italian Flag With Clouds Tattoo Design

Cross Wrapped In Italian Flag With Clouds Tattoo Design
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This is perhaps one of the perfect cross tattoos surrounded by clouds for men to be inked with. An Italian flag is wrapped around this simple cross tattoo. It symbolizes the tattoo artist’s devotion and respect towards God and their country.

The cross against the background of wavy clouds is colored with shades of gray. The colorful flag enhances the beauty of the tattoo by several degrees. And two red roses are also placed under the flag cross.

You can have this tattoo on your bicep, or you can also have it on your arm or leg where this rather elongated tattoo would fit perfectly.

Cross with Clouds, Death Moth and Swallows Tattoo Design

Cross with Clouds, Death Moth and Swallows Tattoo Design
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This massive chest tattoo features a giant moth with a skull for a head, two swallows on either side of the tattoo, and an ornate cross at the bottom of the tattoo. The cross has clouds and sunbeams behind it, giving the cross a heavenly vibe.

Moth in the tattoo world usually symbolizes metamorphosis, but it also represents bad luck and death. The swallows are a symbol of protection and leadership. Therefore, the entire tattoo could indicate that even in the face of bad luck and threat of death, one can overcome fear by believing in God who would send his messenger to lead people out of their dark and difficult times.

This monochrome tattoo with its various elements articulates numerous different purposes in a single frame. This tattoo will also look great if you ask your tattoo artist to add some color to it.

Forearm cross with clouds and inspirational quotes tattoo

Forearm cross with clouds and inspirational quotes tattoo
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We are all facing a difficult time in our lives where we cannot find anything to comfort us and it becomes very difficult for us to focus on our goals. In these dark moments, only words of inspiration can heal our spirits.

Therefore, an inspirational quote on the skin can become a constant reminder of God’s presence in our lives. In fact, an inspirational quote tattoo is quite a popular tattoo design, especially among teenagers.

This forearm tattoo preaches a simple cross design on a plaque. In the background, sunbeams emerge from behind thick clouds. The motivational quotes are written above and below the cross and cloud tattoo as if nestling the cross and plaque.

Half-Sleeve Metallic Cross with Cloud Tattoo Design

Half-Sleeve Metallic Cross with Cloud Tattoo Design
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This cross and cloud tattoo features a cool metallic cross in the center of the sleeve. There are images of white doves soaring on the cloudy background. And just below the cross is a clock that shows the value of time.

At the bottom of the tattoo are two huge roses. Here the doves and roses can represent peace, love, hope, etc. On the other hand, the metallic looking cross and watch can convey the wearer’s devotion to their religion and obedience to time.

Although it is a sleeve tattoo, you can get this gorgeous design inked on your thigh or shoulder. You can add colors to the roses, which easily attract people’s attention. You can also add elements of your personal choice and dedicate the tattoo to your loved one.

Cross with clouds tattoo with lion

Cross with clouds tattoo with lion
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Doves and flowers are fairly common elements in a cross and cloud tattoo. But in this massive back tattoo, a lion is drawn right next to the three crosses. A lion in the tattoo world is a symbol of courage and bravery.

The three crosses in the center represent Jesus Christ and the two thieves, namely Gestas and Dismas. They were also crucified along with Jesus Christ at Calvary. In the New Testament, Gestas is called a “wicked thief” because he takes no responsibility for his wrong deeds and mistakes. On the other hand, Dismas is called the “good thief” because he accepted his mistake and asked God for repentance.

Overflowing with symbolic meanings, this tattoo will look gorgeous on your chest.

Tribal cross with wings and a halo in a cloudy background tattoo

Tribal cross with wings and a halo in a cloudy background tattoo
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A halo ring, also known as a nimbus, is a representation of spirituality. It was often seen placed behind or above divine figures.

In this tattoo, the halo is placed over the tribal cross which has two wings attached to its sides. The cross is almost reminiscent of an angel figure. Rays of sun emerge from behind the clouds surrounding the cross. This tattoo works best on the chest, thighs or back where the artist gets more space to show their creativity.

Cross with clouds and praying hands tattoo design

Cross with clouds and praying hands tattoo design
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The “Praying Hands” is a famous sketch by the well-known German painter Albrecht Dürer. This sketch has been incorporated into many religious tattoos.

Praying hands are featured in this tattoo, holding a chain with a dangling cross medallion. The tattoo artist did a fabulous job recreating the actual sketch made by Durer. This monochromatic tattoo will also look stunning on your arm, calf or stomach.

Cross tattoo with clouds and sunbeams

Cross tattoo with clouds and sunbeams
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This black and gray realistic tattoo would be a perfect choice for those who want to get inked with a simple religious tattoo design. The tattoo is very simple but the details on the tattoo are unparalleled.

The diamond-encrusted cross medallion dangles from a thick chain, and the sun’s rays tear through the clouds from above. The tattoo artist did a very admirable job in making the tattoo look very realistic.

Flaunt this tattoo on your forearm, back or either side of your stomach. You can also do a full back tattoo of this design.

Coverup cross tattoo with clouds and the figure of Christ

Coverup cross tattoo with clouds and the figure of Christ
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This is an incredible coverup tattoo. As seen in the picture, the former tattoo has been effectively hidden under the new gorgeous cross tattoo.

In this tattoo, a figure of the crucified Jesus Christ is embedded in the cross. The clouds and sunbeams add several degrees to the beauty of this monochrome tattoo. We recommend you to have this tattoo on your forearm or shoulder. There, the tattoo could easily amaze onlookers.

A cross with a cloud tattoo can cost anywhere from $50 to $300 depending on the shape and size. If you are still craving for more unique ideas then check these amazing options below:

  • A bright and multicolored cross with clouds and neck tattoo.
  • Tiny cross with clouds on ankle tattoo.
  • Cross with clouds and an infinity symbol tattoo.
  • Cross with clouds and a wrist tattoo with a sacred symbol.
  • An amazing cross with clouds, a blue rose and a memorial ribbon tattoo.

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