10 Best Broken Heart Neck Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind! +2023

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Heartbroken tattoos are traditionally used to represent the loss of a loved one, memories of the deceased, or just emotions to hold onto.

Broken heart tattoos
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A heartbroken image can be chosen to represent a broken heart, often from a broken relationship, but there are numerous other reasons for getting the image as well.

A broken heart can represent life’s difficulties that have left one of them with trauma or scars, either physical, mental, or emotional. It can also mean a tough and uncompromising nature, telling others that the person is neither soft nor flexible.

Broken hearts can be made in a variety of styles. The most common is a simple heart shape in red with a jagged line running down the center to indicate a tear. This can have a variety of meanings but is typically a symbol of grief or suffering, reminding the individual of the incident that caused the trauma, as well as a warning not to make the same mistakes again. Stitches or bandages may be applied to the crack in the heart of the heart to indicate the wound has healed or is healing.

Broken heart tattoo on neck

Broken heart tattoo on neck
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This broken heart on neck tattoo is a simple design. We can even call this design an emoji tattoo. There is a hidden message on it. The tattoo looks cute and can even be done for friends or loved ones. This tattoo can also be done on the wrist and when we see the bandaged heart we can say that there must be some kind of sadness in her life. Based on what is written, the tattoo must have even more meaning.

One can even write a person’s name or a date when they lost their near and dear ones. This tattoo can be a beautiful tribute to someone who has died and is still missing. The small red heart tattoo always represents an emotional meaning either everlasting love but the heart shown here in the tattoo could mean unrequited love. One can add other elements to the tattoo depicting love.

Male broken heart tattoo on neck

Male broken heart tattoo on neck
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This tattoo is a simple black heart tattoo with a bandage on it. The tattoo can symbolize many things, one of them is that the heart is broken but is trying to heal and it is trying to hide the wounds on it. Or it prevents it from leading. This tattoo can be made on other body parts and if you want you can even make the heart in red ink. The black color used to make the tattoo can also symbolize that the heart is almost dead or that it is less emotional after being hurt several times.

This tattoo can be done by both men and women and it doesn’t have to be that a partner has cheated or especially left and is broken as a result. There can be many other personal reasons to get the broken tattoo, maybe losing a family member or a close friend can also lead to a heart broken tattoo.

The broken heart symbol

The broken heart symbol
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Heart tattoos come in a variety of styles, each with its own meaning. The symbol could be used to honor a loved one after their untimely death, as a reminder of broken hearts and how far the individual has come, or as a simple but powerful expression of love and desire. The different tattoos can also add new meaning to the artwork; For example, a red heart signifies friendship or passion, while a black heart represents despair.

This tattoo is done with an ombre shade of black and red, it can be interpreted as making the heart slowly become emotionless or we can say that it is getting cold because it is constantly being hurt. This tattoo can be done by people who used to care a lot but are now starting to care less.

The shattered heart tattoos

The shattered heart tattoos
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One of the most beautiful experiences in the world is falling in love, but not every story has a happy ending. The symbol of the shattered heart represents feelings of pain and reminds the wearer of the pain they have felt in the past. Individuals choose to color these images as a warning, hoping to be more careful in the future. Alternatively, the item can be interpreted as a sign that the person is overcoming their pain.

This tattoo is uniquely done it shows the heartbreak in a number of parts that can relate to lost love and this tattoo is a perfect way to symbolize heartbreak. The black ink used to make this tattoo makes a bold impression and if you want you can even add drops of blood to make it look more interesting.

The emotional state of a heartbroken design

The emotional state of a heartbroken design
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A broken heart tattoo carries a profound and emotional meaning. First and foremost, it shows that you are hurt and depressed. Second, it can also represent that you will not rely on anyone. Third, it will show that you need some time to heal. For those who have failed in love, a broken heart tattoo design is a much better solution.

This is the most common type of heartbroken tattoos and represents the true meaning of a heartbroken tattoo. It was inked by someone who has lost love and is heart broken by the loss. The person can have this tattoo inked either to remember love as a wonderful reminder or to remember the lessons they learned from it. This tattoo can be done by both men and women.

Tattoo designs for men

Tattoo designs for men
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Barbed wire is used to keep intruders out of the property and the barbed wire in the broken heart tattoo has a similar connotation. The broken heart barbed wire tattoo represents the wearer’s wish that no one gets close to their heart to avoid heartbreak again.

This tattoo can all be altered and turned into a three heart tattoo. It is said that the skin near the neck area is sensitive, so customers should be careful to get a tattoo there. This tattoo can be done by both men and women without any problem. If you want, you can even change the color accordingly.

Broken heart tattoo designs

Broken heart tattoo designs
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This inventive tattoo design depicts two hands trying to mend a broken heart. Similar to the Broken Heart in Hands tattoo design, this one will remind one of the need to be responsible and overcome difficulties and problems to continue to care for oneself and loved ones. This tattoo design looks best on the shoulder or bicep. This tattoo can also be interpreted as a person has their heart broken or torn apart.

The tattoo is beautifully done and has a deep meaning. Anyone who has felt deep pain can have this tattoo, whether you are a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter. This tattoo can also be done as part of a patchwork tattoo. This tattoo looks great on the neck but would look better done somewhere else where it is easily visible.

Small heart tattoo

Small heart tattoos
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One of the most popular small tattoo ideas is to inking a small black heart silhouette. Just like the other broken heart tattoo design, this one also replaces the traditional symbol of love with a broken heart. This tattoo can signify the anguish and sadness you felt because of your lost love, while still being small enough to be easily camouflaged if you don’t want to show it off all the time.

This heart broken tattoo can fully justify its ideas if they are looking for a simple tattoo design that has a specific meaning to them. Inking a small heart is one of the trendy tattoo ideas; The broken heart in this design amplifies the appeal while ensuring that it clearly carries the message one is trying to convey.

The black heart tattoo

The black heart tattoo
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If you are looking for minimalistic wrist tattoo ideas, this extremely delicate and simple broken heart tattoo can be easily covered if needed. In addition, inking this simple tattoo allows you to finally highlight it with additional features when you are ready to proceed.

It could also be an excellent choice for your first tattoo if you want to conquer your needle phobia in style. This tattoo features a broken heart that is stitched where it is broken. It represents lost love and someone’s recovery after loss.

The broken heart with money

The broken heart with money
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A patched up broken heart can represent how you’ve recovered from the breakup and are now ready to move on. This tattoo design incorporates a bright red broken heart to preserve the symbolic meaning of the heart tattoo which is a vivid expression of love. Even when sewn together, the breaks on the heart show that your heart will never be the same again.

But in this tattoo in the space where the heart is broken we see money being filled. This does not refer to greed, it means that there is no point in chasing people, you should focus on your career and be successful and secure your future and make it better.

We couldn’t get enough heartbroken tattoos on our necks. So here are a few more tattoo ideas to think about:

  • Bleeding heart tattoo on neck.
  • Tribal heart tattoo on neck.
  • A sacred heart symbol on the neck.
  • Black heart tattoo.

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