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Wella Koleston Perfect 44/65

Wella Koleston Perfect 44/65 : Medium brown deep purplish-mahogany Dark red hair color more intense. However Medium brown hair coating of there. Mixing Recommendation Combine with Koleston Perfect Crème Developer for outstanding, high-density results. Koleston Perfect...

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Eva Longoria Hair Color

Eva Longoria‘s natural hair color is dark brown. She sometimes uses the Ash caramel hair color. Light shining on the dark hair looks very nice. 7.3 Loreal  caramel hair dye  

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Orange Hair Color

Orange hair color is very beautiful color. However, hair care is difficult. Hair dye flows. Orange hair dye you will need to paint at regular intervals. I chose orange hair a different color.

Vanessa-Hudgens-red-purple 0

Vanessa Hudgens Hair Color

Vanessa Hudgens likes to use different hair color. I think this is the most beautiful woman brown hair color suits. Vanessa Hudgens is already dark brown color their hair.  Especially ombre hair color is very nice....

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Wella Koleston Perfect 5/00

Wella Koleston Perfect 5/00 : light brown natural Natural-looking light brown hair color in a yellow glow. Your hair light? You can make your hair with light brown hair dye. Mixing Recommendation Combine with Koleston...

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Wella Koleston Perfect 55/65

Wella Koleston Perfect 55/65 : light brown intense purple-mahogany. Very nice purple color. If you want to dye your hair purple, you can choose the paint. Light brown and intense purple. Mixing Recommendation Combine with Koleston...

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Olivia Palermo Hair Color

Olivia Palermo using continuous ash color in hair color. I liked very much the ash light blonde hair. It’s wonderful caramel color in her face. Ash blonde hair color Ash caramel hair color Blonde...

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Kim Kardashian Ash Platinum Blonde

March 2015, I think Kim Kardashian tired of dark hair. Her hair was ash platinum blonde. Eyebrows and eyelashes are black. Skin color in wheat. I think it was her light blonde hair color does...

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Blonde Ombre

One of the most favored lady blonde ombre hair color. Have your own hair color is dark? This is easier to do your hair color. The ends of your hair caramel color, you can paint...

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Wella Koleston Perfect 5/5

Wella Koleston Perfect 5/5 : Brown mahogany Brown mixture of red hair color. Very nice color. You can also use Ombre hair color. Mixing Recommendation Combine with Koleston Perfect Crème Developer for outstanding, high-density results. Koleston...