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Ciara Hair Color

Ciara dark-skinned woman. She usually prefers the blonde ombre hair color.  Their natural hair color is dark brown. Hair color formula:  The base of hair brown. Hair tips pale yellow. 8/0, 10/0 and 8/3

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Demi Lovato Hair Color

Demi Lovato likes to use different hair color.  Brown, dark maroon, red, purple, pink, some of these colors.  Ombre blonde reveals the dark skin. Hair color formula:     Dark brown-maroon hair color and 7/3...

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Dianna Agron Hair Color

Dianna Agron loves to be blonde. Using the ash blonde hair color often. Her natural hair color is brown.  In golden blonde hair ends. Platinum blonde does not suit her. Show more pale face and...

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Elizabeth Olsen Hair

Elizabeth Olsen generally prefer natural hair color. Hes white skin, green eyes. Natural hair color is light brown. She usually prefers ash blonde hair color. Hair color number: 8.1, 7.1 Hair color formula:  The base...

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Wella Koleston Perfect 5/37

Wella Koleston Perfect 5/37 :  brown,  5/3 than light brown.  If your hair is brown, this color will look natural. Many artists use this color hair dye. Mixing Recommendation Combine with Koleston Perfect Crème Developer for...

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Alice Englert Hair Color

Alice Englert 20 years old, white skin is a very nice girl. Her eye color Hazel.  Natural hair color is brown. Alice Englert sometimes copper colored hair. This shows his face pale hair. In addition, she...

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Paris Hilton hair color

  Paris Hilton usually love being blonde. Platinum hair color show Paris Hilton’s face faded. I think Paris Hilton most golden hair color suits. Hair dye number: 10.3,  10.0, 8.3   Ash blonde hair...

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Anna Kendrick Hair Color

Anna Kendrick natural hair color is brown. Brown suits her face and skin color too. She loves the caramel hair color.   Number: 7.3 Caramel hair dye.         I think it suits...

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Wella Koleston Perfect 44/66

Wella Koleston Perfect 44/66 : Medium brown deep purplish-mahogany. If your hair is dark?  You can use this hair dye to dye your hair or purple ombre. Mixing Recommendation Combine with Koleston Perfect Crème Developer for...

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Wella Koleston Perfect 6/0

6/0 Light brown.  Blonde glow in between the brown hair. I love this hair color. I have a natural appearance. Easy to use. No need to paint the bottom of the continuous hair. Mixing Recommendation Combine...