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Wella Koleston Perfect 99/0

  Wella Koleston Perfect 99/0 :  Intense Very Light Blonde.  Platinum blonde, you can use this hair dye to get the hair color.  Unfortunately I could not find an application example. not more than...

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Before: Blonde After: irish-red Color DIY

Master: BY OLYA VOSTRIKOVA Model: LARISA LAPUSTINA Photo: JULIAT Coloring in bright red shades range of self-confident girls and … a great way to add certainty to those to whom it is not enough....

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Before: Blonde After: Brown

Natural hair color 6.0. Hair very worn. It looks bad. This needs to change her hair color. It should look more natural hair color. Brown will suit many. She needs to cut his hair. She...

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Wella Koleston Perfect 9/7

Wella Koleston Perfect 9/7 :  Very Light Brunette Blonde  You can get a nice mix of color and copper blonde hair color. Koleston Perfect is a professional hair dye. Ideal to mix with different...

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Wella Koleston Perfect 10/0

Wella Koleston Perfect 10/0:   Lightest Blonde.  Preferred hair color 10.0. You can also get good results with different hair dyes mix.   [xt_go_advt_1] Mixing Recommendation Combine with Koleston Perfect Crème Developer for outstanding, high-density results....

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How to get long wavy hair

Master: Sergey Terekhov Model: DIANA Akol’zin Photo: Anja BAZHENOV We use Wella Professionals Long and wavy hair is always nice. In fact, the application is simple. Photos explanatory. Step by step show. [xt_go_advt_1] [xt_go_advt_2]

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Glitter Hair DIY

Master Elina Model Natasha Hairstyles for a very nice party. Very easy to make hair gleaming. Your hair needs to be washed. A hair spray and glitter powder. The wedding party can be very good...

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Dark Blonde Short Haircut DIY

Master: MAX large model: Katya Gurin Photo: Anton Abramov We emphasize the color of the structure and topography of bangs. The layers along the edges of the triangle. Layer 2 darker tone layer 1...

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Instamatic By Color Touch Jaded Mint

Wella Instamatic By Color Touch hair dye color :  Jaded Mint Very nice mint green. This paint for professional use. But you can dye your hair at home easily. Mixing Recommendation Like a colour...

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Wella Koleston Perfect 10/03

Wella Koleston Perfect 10/03;Lightest Natural Gold Blonde.   Very nice color. I usually do my hair the color of caramel. I use to achieve this blonde caramel coloring. Koleston Perfect, hair dyes for professionals. But...