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Sheryl Crow Hair Color

Sheryl Crow loves caramel hair color. She always used in the caramel and blonde hair color. In fact, her natural hair color is light brown.

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Sutton Foster Hair Color

Sutton Foster likes the natural look. Her natural hair color is medium brown. She sometimes copper-red, caramel – brown, using hair color.

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L’Oreal İnoa 5.31 Light Golden Ash Brown

The content of this hair color: ash brown and light yellow. It actually looks like a medium brown. A natural hair color. You do not want your hair orange, have red color? You can...

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Suzanne Somers Hair Color

Suzanne Somers natural hair color is dark blonde. But she always uses in light blonde hair. In fact, caramel hair color suits him more.

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Comparison: Brown – Caramel – Ombre Brown

Would you like to change your hair color? You do not know which to choose the hair color? Brown, Brown ombre or caramel. Which one of the more beautiful hair color. I think brown...

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Pink and Peach Ombre Hair

Two colors pink and peach colors are very compatible. You can use these two colors If you want to make your hair ombre. I chose the most beautiful ombre hair.

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2015 Peach Hair Color

This year (2015) peach hair color is very popular. Many women try this hair color. I think it’s a beautiful hair color. Suitable for all skin colors. In dark skin it looks very nice....

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Ash Blonde Hair Salon

I chose to do the ashy hair color in hair salon. Hair of the previous version (unpainted version) and you can see after the state of the paint.

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L’Oreal İnoa 5.45 Light Copper Mahogany Brown

Very nice hair color. In this hair color, medium brown, light copper, and Mahogany (dark red and brown) are. After washing your hair slightly opened. (If you have your hair light yellow).

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Ash Blonde – instagram

I chose the ash blonde hair color. Ash lot of women prefer the blonde hair color. The reasons are: 1- natural looks. 2. Many according to skin color. 3- You can use women of...