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5.81_violet_light_brown 0

5.81 Natulique Violet Light Brown

5.81 Natulique Violet Light Brown A mixture of brown and light purple hair dye. Violet hair color shines in the sun. I love this hair color. You can use this hair color if you...

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Directions Apricot

Apricot Directions: If you choose this edebilirsiniz.ben very different hair by hair dye color you want to use a very nice color. Especially if you do ombre looks very nice.

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Charlize Theron Hair Color

Charlize Theron was born in 1975. Her natural hair color is light brown, green eyes and white skin. She usually uses the ash blonde hair color. Short hair is very nice golden color.  ...

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6.0 Natulique Dark Blonde

6.0 Natulique Dark Blonde If your hair is weak and worn out, I recommend using organic hair dye. No chemicals in hair dye Natuliqu. No ammonia. Natulique Hair Dyeing Natulique Hair Dye Contents

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Manic Panic Violet Night

Manic Panic Violet Night: very nice color to the color purple lovers. I love different hair colors. Ombre hair tips that I use on my hair color. [xt_go_advt_1]

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Directions Bright Daffodil

Directions Bright Daffodil: The bright yellow hair color. Like lemon yellow.You can mix with different hair colors, hair dyes. Showing a pale color in your face. [xt_go_advt_1]

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L’Oreal İnoa 4.26 Iridescent Red Brown

L’Oreal İnoa 4.26 Iridescent Red Brown   They’re purple and brown hair dye. Especially light shines purple. A different hair color.  

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Chelsea Handler Hair Color

Chelsea Handler was born in 1975. Youth looks very nice. She is currently 46 years old, but still very beautiful and attractive. Chelsea Handler’s natural hair color is blond, blue-eyed and white-skinned. [xt_go_advt_1]

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6.07 Natulique Caramel

6.07 Natulique Caramel Caramel hair color, preferably a color. But you have to get the caramel dye with the color you want. You need to mix with a different hair color. Natulique Hair Dyeing...

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6.17 Natulique İce Dark Blonde

6.17 Natulique İce Dark Blonde This dark ash brown hair dye. There are also dark blonde hair color. A natural hair color. Red and orange colors in your hair? With this hair dye colors...